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Author: Godfrey Mwampembwa-Gado

Pages: Hard copy 333
Genre: Picture book, Cartoons, Politics
My rate on GR: 4/5

In the wake of Kenya’s politics, Gado has always had his way with his caricature that despite the fury that burns on the ground at the end of the day we can laugh it off. Giggle over it and muse “yes, this is it. Exactly my thoughts only that I don’t know how to draw.” Furthermore, he makes you fall in love with politics not only from our motherland but across East Africa and internationally. His is a work of art that continues to be praised even in our television screens in shows like XYZ.

CRISIS…? WHAT CRISIS?! Is a book well thought of as he displays his editorial cartoons from 2005-2011 published in the Daily Nation, The EastAfrican and Sunday Nation in a critical manner where media rarely allowed for harsh subjects. For you to fathom this book however, politics should be your cup of tea or how can you recall regimes and history facts? Divided into ten sections which are: Grand collusion government, Ocampo 6, Mugabe and Zimbabwe, China in Africa, Cancer of Corruption, East Africa Federation, Kibaki vs Raila, Only in Kenya, Christians, Muslims and Religion, What’s up Africa these chapters display the ugly, scary, beautiful and funny side of politicians, the masses and their politicking in a picture scenario. The past keeps haunting us and history has been repeating itself into shaping the future governments. As the common Mwananchi strives to fight for their rights and opinions be it in protests, strikes and petitions not much has changed in Nations. The game continues craftily and only the strong ones will survive. We the masses can change the narrative if only we open our eyes and hope Gado continues to put his work in another book to calm our nerves. We need a continuation, don’t we? In the meantime catch a glimpse of his daily dose on the Standard Newspaper.

Ps: My favourite was the Government 5 steps in fighting corruption:
1. Fury
2. Commission of inquiry
3. Receiving the findings
4. Omission of inquiry
5. Medals of commendation