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Resort hidden in the village

My village has a resort. I repeat, my village has a resort. Shouting for the back benchers to hear this loud and clear cause probably we the last in this universe to have one. Or are we? Named after Kiama river, The Kiama River Resort is 30 minutes away from Thika-Gatanga road. Situated in Murang’a County, Gatanga Sub County this resort sits on a place of let’s say ( just figured I don’t know how to calculate or tell land measurements) big chunk of land (see that did it). Well, at the intersection of Thika-Kirwara road you turn right at the Gatanga Shopping Center then turn right again before getting to the Kiama River. If that ain’t making sense, google map. This resort started its operations in 2018.

The journey to this scenery welcomes one to the land of large scale and small scale farming where coffee, flowers (you get a glimpse of a number of flower companies) bananas and maize plantations takes center stage. Cool and wet climate was the norm years back but with the recent drastic global warming, hot and wet climate is experienced at times. More so, upcoming developments such as real estates have started thriving in the region with Bahati Ridge, Panorama (yet to start its development) and Golden Pearl Estate providing investors and home owners with a tranquil environment. Major shopping centers en route include Gatunyu, Mabanda and Gatanga. Kikuyu dialect is the most used by people in this area.

About 200m away is the Kiama River that is the main source of water that connects with other rivers and drains into Chania River. A 30minutes drive from here will lead one to the tea zones and the famous Ndakaini dam.

The resort boasts of a conference room (but that needs an upgrade), a children’s playground (see charges in the pics below) car wash at Ksh 200, lodging, bar, entertainment corner and traditional thatched sitting area. An open kitchen area where orders are taken upon arrival is one to salivate rumbling stomachs as you wait for your meal to get ready. The reason am excited about this resort is because my fries and choma hustle days are over. One had to literally carry this from Thika to home. Now I can comfortably walk in. More so, the boring days for children at the village are over. Here they can slide, swing, swim and bounce as they wish.

This resort is ideal for family gatherings, meetings, lovers picnic (no more of ‘By The Rivers of Babylon’), explorers and parties.

The meals are not costly and can cater for both uptown and rural individuals. Grown ups ordered for ugali, kachumbari and greens with a traditional touch (spinach, managu, terere) plus tea as they waited for their meal to get ready while the kids had fries and sausages. Initially, we were to have some roasted meat but the kitchen staff said it would take longer hours since they had not prepared the fire for it and suggested we go for the wet fry; no one was feeling the ‘wet fry’ vibe.


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