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Raven’s Peak: World on Fire #1

Title: Raven’s Peak: World on Fire #1

Author: Lincoln Cole

Genre: Fiction, paranormal

Published: 2016

Pages: Pdf softcopy 218

My rate on GR: 4/5

Lincoln this will make a good supernatural series! I can feel it.

The Council of Chaldea is under threat from the ninth circle; a cult compromised of psychopaths and demon worshipers but few members are lesser demons living in human hosts and corpses while running an underground black market ring of slaves and guns. The council on the other hand is to protect the world from the supernatural. When Arthur rescues his daughter Abigail from a demon by praying for the 3 kidnapped girls and killing himself in the process to avoid the demon from taking another body thus sending it to hell, Abigail a hunter to the Ordo Daemonium Venator, must try and remember what happened to her years back to save her father. Demons are out here marking bodies to host them and as Abi kills them she bumps into Haatim, son of the powerful member of the council who is not aware who his father really is till later. He is the piece of the puzzle as demons chase him too since his father Aram made a deal with Abaddon that the council is not aware of.
Raven’s peak, where it all happened years back is the destination Abi is sent by the council unaware it will revive her memories and curse the council for betrayal. Here with the help of Haatim (he studied Theology but is a non-believer) she finds Belphegor a demon she has never fought before, who spreads insanity wherever it goes by finding a weakness already existing in a person and exploiting it. Raven Peak is under madness after five campers are killed by it. Abi has got an hour to save the city from been burned by the council. Haatim faces the demon through prayer and chanting therefore banishing it. Before then the demon makes a deal with Abi to get a knife hidden in the tunnel out of reach by demons. This knife goes missing when Abi and Haatim are exploded inside the cave after seeing a human.
This thriller full of suspense book opens a reader into a world of supernaturals where betrayal, love, sacrifice, secrets, hidden powers are intertwined. It is one to keep you hooked as you visualize the scenes while so many questions are asked by self. I can’t wait for the second sequel.

What is in a knife?
Which deal did Aram agree to with Abaddon? 
Will Abi be executed by the council for going against their rules? 
Will Arthur be rescued from hell? 
Who are the other two girls rescued by Arthur years back apart from Sara, who Abi cured? 
How did Haatim banish the most dangerous demon? Which are his hidden skills?