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Procrastination. HELP!!!


I’ve been postponing things for the longest time this year. Really struggling if i might say. My moods and psyche keep on deteriorating day in, day out. Frustrated about it, keep patting myself i can do better but a habit is becoming a disease. Some instances:

  • I got laundry from last week that is piling up but i don’t feel like cleaning it (before that i had 2 weeks laundry)
  • I got things on my mind to write about but i don’t feel like i got the strength to sit and write
  • I keep on snoozing my alarm to do my every day morning workout
  • I lost interest in watching movies and reading books that need to be watched and read
  • Just yesterday, I sent my college buddy pictures from our days at campus after she had to constantly remind me
  • I make sure my parents fridge has boiled cereals to last a week but girl never boiled them last weekend
  • There are people i need to link up with but that i keep on pushing
  • There are projects i need to start but i can’t tell what is keeping me from starting

The list continues…….

As i sit back and ponder how i might be turning my life from good to worse, i need to find out from you my lovely bloggers, followers, stalkers and the rest, how you actually deal with procrastination. How did you conquer that phase? Did you seek help from a counselor/ psychiatrist ? Is this another symptom to something else rather than procrastination?


Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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