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Unwanted Pregnancies-Contraceptive Failure

Who is to blame when contraceptives fail?

Chewing the bitterness out of my second gum and blowing it mid air as i ponder this not because I love gum (but in high school i was the master) but cramps nausea is real. Every month when aunt flo visits, vomiting is a thing and bitter sweets help to counter that. Otherwise if i didn’t care about my body, i would be on some contraceptive to help reduce my pain but i opted not for that route since I have hormonal imbalances that have been playing about with my body (story for another day).

A woman, here in Kenya decided to sue the Aga Khan hospital for negligence. The High Court ordered the hospital to pay the woman Ksh 4.3 million. More so, the hospital is to add another Ksh 500,000 for pain and loss of comfort. The juice doesn’t end there, you may want to refill that cup! There was even debate on whether the parents should be paid to bring her up. Apparently, the IUCD she got administered at Aga Khan failed her and she conceived. Let’s all take a moment and reflect.

From whichever angle you may want to argue this case my thoughts are simple. So many women i know and I’ve heard got some of their babies while on family planning methods. I don’t know how that juju works more so when we are told they are there to curb pregnancy. Is it not knowing what works for you? Is it forgetfulness or are we so excited after getting the contraceptive that we never tell our men that they can’t go down on it immediately to allow its effectiveness?

Take for instance implants (Implanon, Jadelle/Sinoplant) where a patient is usually advised to wait for a week or injections (femiplan, depo provera) where a woman cannot delay by more than 2 weeks for dosage. Then there are the witches of all contraceptives. Those that have messed women big time due to lack of discipline. Everyday pills (microgynon, femiplan) and emergency pills (Postinor 2). However, i could swear that IUCD just like condoms is the mother of them all. It is the life saver but then how did it end up making her pregnant? Was it not inserted properly? Did it move or come out?

Are women going to parade on the streets when these contraceptive fail in the name of JUSTICE? Are children now becoming unwanted in this era? Is it a mistake to have an unplanned child? What does the law say about this? Who is to blame for this? What measures are there in your country in such cases? Let’s get interactive and share those thoughts.