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In Fours: Part 1

Four names. The deal breaker that has been standing on my way. But here I thought names were just names until I became of age and earth taught me you can be an alias then criminal will be your tag line. So here I am still unable to comprehend how one would be lucky to just throw names on their identity, see no fuss about it yet it took me to a quagmire that only money, law and order will listen. Parents!

Growing up I knew I had a surname, one that caught the aura of many that for a moment I forgot I had a first and middle name. It screamed I was a daddy’s spoilt brat who only wanted to be associated with his name, nothing more nothing less. And you had to pronounce it with some class cause who likes their names pronounced like a nursery kid trying to learn letters! Who?

Looking up at my parents documents growing up was illegal because ‘bad manners’ taught us to not ravage through your elders materials without permission. Neither did it even cross our minds to look at how their picture IDs looked at to compare their youthful days. When it was time to do my KCPE I didn’t even know I had no birth certificate since that was none of my business anyway and that time I was lucky they didn’t require it.

In my family I seemed to be the black sheep, the one who didn’t have their documents in order- the one even a simple birth notification card given at birth was without a trace. And this is when I became woke! Not the woke of today but the woke of then, when you asked for all your simple documents like baptism card, childhood photos, immunization card, results slip from nursery so that you could keep them safe and live to show your kids how mama was organized! The kind that proved you were now a big girl and you didn’t have to keep up and forth with someone keeping things for you.

Miracles happened in high school when I was away, they found the notification slip, calling it card is overestimating the light, pink, worn out paper that I think should come when laminated in case it get legs and traced years later. I rolled on like still it was none of my business. Was I the one to go collect the birth certificate? But I was the one to constantly remind them to go collect it. I sang, I think I even made an album out of it but nothing happened. Am even beginning to think the 90s and early 2000s were better if one could do things without that certificate. Ooh then I got hold of those IDs and my father’s gobsmacked me. How on earth was I running around with a surname that was not even in his ID?


To be continued…….