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Crucifying Religion

I don’t know the point at which we came to a Religion crescendo. The kind that had others attacking one’s Faith. But it seems to be happening worldwide and I will mind my country’s business. Having made a hair shift from trying all those natural concoctions to a dreadlocks safari, many thought it was for the love of Reggae. Well, I rarely listen to all reggae but all I know is that “you don haffi dread to be rasta, it is not a dreadlock thing but divine intervention of the heart.”

That aside, the Rastafarian movement left my jaw drop with their antagonistic reaction when one of their own, a teenage girl was told she would not be admitted until she shaved her locks. The scenario went ballistic and next thing it was a court case. Before we could even argue on our timelines if education and hair complemented each other, they won.

If it were my child I would have done the same thing. I would even have taken her to those international schools where kids as young as 4 years have a dreadlock thing going on. The kind where stupid rules do not matter but creativity reigns. Since when did we start judging people by their believes? Has it been a thing even before we date, we ask which religion to make sure you into the holy of holies?

Flash forward, after the Dusit2 attack some church decided they had enough with Muslims and the best way to insult them was by telling schools to do away with hijabs. Did they even consider how sacred they hold that wrapper? That despite them going modern part of their face and hair will remain hidden. Can they know in my four college years I never saw my friend’s hair! Respect is fading or it already died together with our ancestors.

People of the pious have been taking matters in their hands telling us what is right from wrong without taking effect on the damages they doing to their flock. So much bitterness rules these corridors that some believers decided to be pagans, atheists and cultists. All for what? They don’t know who or what to believe. But they need to be somewhere.

All I’ll say is that we need to let people worship where they deem fit. If they want to worship in church, pray in the temple or kneel in mosques that is up to them. If they want to tell us how their pastor resurrected a certain woman and years later she is dead, let them be. If they want to pray to some satanic images, who are we to judge? Who are we to convert them? What do you believe in? That is all that matters. Leave the rest alone.

PS: I used to be a follower of CNN feature “Believe”. I never knew some things existed. It was such an eye opener.

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