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Of Pawns and Players

Book Title: Of Pawns and Players

Author: Kinyanjui Kombani

Genre: Fiction

Setting: Kenya

Pages: Hard copy 186

My rating on GR: 5/5


First of all the book got me grinning from the first page and i have this smiley face you would think i have been asked out for Valentine. Mutura (Kenyan sausage) is the delicacy that sparkles keen interest in this hilarious, thrilling book as it brings two individuals from worlds apart together. Thomas, the Mutura seller becomes the pawn in this game played by Aria’s father who is an employee of powerful individuals in the government to masquerade as a MoneyBet winner- a sports betting company. This is after he pretends to be Aria’s boyfriend who deals with commodities at a family dinner and after his business is threatened to be supplying drugs. He must choose, money or the box (prison). Little does he know that Aria, the girl he is liking after been his number one client is also using him to get the money as part of her inheritance. As the cards get played, Kombani exposes a reader into the betting craze, corrupt government, poverty, greed and manipulation in a twist of events that leaves ones knowing that they didn’t know (Utajua Hujui). Like the cover depicts chess, a pawn can never go backward and Thomas puts out his plan with the aid of his shoemaker buddy, Elisha. His ‘En Passant’ move is what we don’t see coming and he wins big having outplayed all the players. 

PS: I bet there is no sequel!

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