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Paleo Hotel and Spa

My city my Town, Thika, has been buzzing with hotels left, right and center to meet the growing demand for food as most of these are always full to capacity during lunch hours. Amidst the noise, overcrowding, hustle and bustle one can’t reflect accordingly. One can rarely take out their gadgets and work while eating since you have to be considerate and give up that seat. Moreover, if one wants to swim in a pool you have to think of going extra kilometers out of town to find such services. It is in this quench for a quiet and serene environment that I heard my friend mention Paleo Hotel and Spa as the place to eat on a budget. Just within town, this magnificent building hides itself from the rest in a lush street where tall trees makes it hard for spotting. But if you tall, don’t stretch.

At the KRA junction is a huge wooden post telling one to turn left while showcasing their services. Paleo is sandwiched between upcoming apartments that are still under construction as the road here has been turned to dust. On arrival one cannot help but notice the elegant reception area while aroma from the sparkling kitchen joins it to the restaurant bay where decor is epic. There is a lift connecting to the rest of the arenas where accommodation rooms, modern bar, conference halls are in between floors while the gym and swimming pool are at the roof top. Here one can do that dip at Ksh 300 for adults and Ksh 200 for children. Walking in gym is Ksh 500, monthly Ksh 4,000 while couples can have those power goals at Ksh 7,000 per month. I heard the instructor is a friendly fellow. Another bar caught my eyes as nyama choma (roasted meat) did the talking on a grill. One can opt to enjoy their meals here as they enjoy the sky view. Spa days have now come a notch closer as this facility provides all that under one roof! Am yet to find out how much they charge, as this is also not indicated on their website and girl forgot to ask!

The meals here are so affordable and by cheap I mean from Ksh 200 so are the drinks. The well decorated menu showcases a range of delicacies that are cooked upon order. However, there is always a ready buffet at Ksh 600. I went here to plan with my girlfriend and this we did so comfortably with the waitresses frequently asking us if we were alright or if we wanted any extra thing. The WI-FI is on another level, super-fast, no buffering and passwords are provided upon request. My thinking days are sorted. I ordered for Fried Matoke (green bananas gently stewed with herbs, tomatoes and vegetables) that cost Ksh 200 while my girlfriend craved for fried liver that had fried chips and seasoned vegetables as accompaniments and costed her Ksh 450. While the chef prepared our order, I settled for a glass of Drostdy Hof white wine at Ksh 200 while my girl had blended mango juice at Ksh 200.

In between chatter, laughter, overthinking, cancelling and writing, our meals were served within a waiting period of approximately 30-45 minutes. The plates were well plated, the floors were frequently mopped and the toilets are so full of life.

I just found a weekend work and chill spot.

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