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Title: Drunk

Author: Jackson Biko

Genre: Fiction

Pages: Hard copy 167

My rate: 2/5

Published: 1st published 2017

And what was the hullabaloo all about in this book anyway with some readers? I feel like someone told Biko “dude you write so well, when can we expect a book from you?” And boom the book was out. If i was told to shelf it, i would shamelessly put it in the teens corner since they would love a guy who shags many girls, drinks liquor that interferes with his normal functioning, has daddy issues and does not want to get help since he knows it all. That is Larry for you in this short book that seems to have defied the paragraph, spacing and chapter rules we used to, to maybe earn 167 pages. Anyway Larry can’t stop drinking, he is addicted and he scares the shit out of his parents, brother, boss, girlfriends and he has an issue with everything and everyone till he causes a small accident when on the drunk driving spree that injures Malkia, a school going child to one Artisan that makes wheelbarrows and Larry dreams of one (BTW that wheelbarrow story doesn’t make sense only that he is carried using one, that his mother bought from someone who knows the Artisan), and this child goes in a coma making Larry go to a rehab out of guilt but he relapses when he comes out of it. Then Malkia who is not out of the coma reaches out to Larry via some supernatural force (fantasize of a Sci-Fi film for it to make sense) and alas she awakens and it is a miracle.

Guys, like Biko should stick to writing articles and short stories, not a book Abeg! Larry is Biko in narration, stories like the Artisan, wheelbarrows are not brought out well plus Drunk we get the title but i expected more. Am disappointed and am not loving it. Don’t shove it down my throat!