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Creamy Contraceptive

If you thought withdrawal and having sex on safe days was absurd then you haven’t heard or seen the unthinkable. I was going through 8th’s May newspaper copy of the Daily Nation and came across this Goat It article on the Healthy Nation platform.

As countries try to campaign for better ways of birth control back home especially in the marginalized areas, they are still coming into terms of what contraceptives are. With households having more than ten children, it is believed they are a source of wealth but as the economy continues to cripple how many are willing to adopt modern contraceptives?

In Turkana, women are going the creamy way. Yes you heard me, goat oil! I was already trying to put it into practice in my mind but no i can’t comprehend how that works or which juju is in there. Methinks it should go the other way-lubricant but no! For a long time women who have had enough with bearing children do this behind their husbands back since they don’t advocate for family planning terming it as defying tradition and the fear attributed to weakening and destroying the womb.  However, it is not for use by the young women who have not yet given birth to the desired number of children as demanded by their hubby’s. If the young girl touches it, she can never be pregnant! (Outta touch please).

Pastoral way of life has enabled women reap big out of this oil (sounds funny but hold up the humor) as one woman claimed she has used the oil for six years and has never conceived again. So how does this work exactly? Let’s put two and two together…

The goat milk is put in a gourd and left undisturbed for four nights. If someone touches it, it won’t work. On the fifth day, the cream is boiled in a sufuria (cooking pot) and left to cool. The naked woman uses a stick to administer droplets of the cream in the mouth four times. Then she swirls the container with the cream round her body four times while chanting “don’t give me a child, shut my womb.” After that she applies the cream on her hair and all over her body. The cream is then mixed with the faeces of a donkey, then placed in the goat’s shed where it remains for four days and nobody and nothing is allowed to touch it

Call it a myth, misconception but the Turkana women are swearing by it and it is working.




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4 thoughts on “Creamy Contraceptive

  1. hehehehhehe, you have got to be kidding me… ‘ dont give me a child, Dont give me a child” hehehe close my what? womb? Chai! this is too funny!
    It’s beyond my understanding. How exactly does it work again? Because this five days old milk doesn’t cut it for me

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