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Energize Eva

MIA i became. Not because writing became boring but i needed time out from almost everything. I was drowning slowly, focus shifting and the pace at which my thinking and activities was wheeling was neither pleasing my inner nor outer self. Reading was paused as my eyes can no longer navigate through those e-pub books and the nerd look might be coming sooner than expected. However, my time has been washed away seeing all those latest animations and comedy movies that make me realize how i haven’t laughed in months!!

My body aching for that screening just to detect if anything is wrong as that boob lump that was once told to be benign constantly reminds me that it exists through its sharp freaking pain. Thinking of that surgery is wassup. That does not end there as the “protein in your kidney” issue has not disappeared yet. “You so young to have kidney issues,” were the words one doc once told me when my right leg started swelling around the ankle. Kidney malfunction, i do not know. Generally, i am tired and the more i think of things the more it weighs me down.

I have been investigating my life and reality is as years go by, i realize i no longer prefer certain things that i thought i liked. Maybe am in a discovery phase! Whatever this phase is, that has taken a bit of toil from me, should in the end guide me to some positivitea


, i suppose? To that effect i moved to somewhere in the middle of tea plantations, different culture, never been here plus cold nights just for a month of no disturbance to rekindle myself.

I know i rarely open up about my private life but with time i will since some people think am a lucky gem. This gem has had her fair share of highs and lows that even my closest friends do not know of (maybe a book will do who knows). Experiences that when i look back make me feel am a survivor or just lucky. Am talkative but that hasn’t been me since months now. The outgoing, bubbly me will be back, she will continue writing this blog because shutting it will hurt her more and y’all i haven’t got time to catch up with, don’t stress i will spare time when my right mood is rejuvenated.





Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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