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TOTD: My money, my business

The excitement that comes with one operating their own business or landing yourself that dream job is always up to the roof. Then there are the nosey people starting with ours truly, parents, who ask millions of questions; most importantly been “How much are you making? How much are you getting paid?” I always make the ” did I ever ask you how much you make” face. That by the way always piss me off from family to friends. If we have never had a sitting arrangement to discuss our finances then a beg, take your wahalla and go. Back to you, why are they always interested to know your dough? Does it get to your nerves?



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2 thoughts on “TOTD: My money, my business

  1. Hahaha.
    I can relate.
    Back in the days my lovely mum of blessed memory always asks.
    She also used to track the end of the month more than I did myself.
    She will go like “isn’t it the end of the month? Haven’t you been paid?” It annoys but you just can’t help but laugh with her, because if you complain she will retort with broad smiles “have you ever made payments for all the years I’ve taken care of you?” 🙂

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