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TOTD: Adopt/ Reject

We all have what we came to learn as we interacted with our societies and much of it we were born into it. Lately, I have been thinking of what happens when you don’t want to be associated with your culture. There are these rituals that are done and we often told of the consequences of not adhering to them. This is Africa and I bet each country, each tribe out there got their thing. Does the same apply to continents like Asia, North America, Antarctica? Well due to different deities of course Muslims, Hindus got their way of things and this even cuts across to ceremonies like marriages, death of loved ones and so on. Maybe, rebels have been there in the past and were they cursed? Can you be a rebel of your culture? Which custom would you want to change?



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

Your views will be appreciated

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