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Taking who hostage?

Kidnappers mostly enrich themselves by kidnapping people despite their social status to put a point across; revenge, jealously, hatred, we know you loaded, warning etcetera. Whatever the reason they always ask for ransom that we eagerly debate about and hand it over with the “no cops involved or we blow his/her brains off.” Yea mimic the 🎬🎥 for that.

Any who, my thought for today is simple and real. We like to take God hostage. Dare you deny it! Many are the times our leap of faith let’s down to a point our Lord never responds ASAP. At that moment, just when you have seen, heard, smelled and tasted it all, you decide to take God for a road trip. “You know what God, if you help me in A,E,Y stuff I promise I will go to church, I will quit this or that, I will pay my tithe…blah blah” and we wait.

Wait, wait and wait till boom He delivers and do we really do as we had promised? I highly doubt and if you do, only a small percentage fulfill their vows.

Why as Christians do we take God hostage? Why do we put terms unto Him and when He pays us ransom through His galore blessings we forget?




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