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TOTD: My money, my business

The excitement that comes with one operating their own business or landing yourself that dream job is always up to the roof. Then there are the nosey people starting with ours truly, parents, who ask millions of questions; most importantly been “How much are you making? How much are you getting paid?” I always make the ” did I ever ask you how much you make” face. That by the way always piss me off from family to friends. If we have never had a sitting arrangement to discuss our finances then a beg, take your wahalla and go. Back to you, why are they always interested to know your dough? Does it get to your nerves?

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TOTD: Adopt/ Reject

We all have what we came to learn as we interacted with our societies and much of it we were born into it. Lately, I have been thinking of what happens when you don’t want to be associated with your culture. There are these rituals that are done and we often told of the consequences of not adhering to them. This is Africa and I bet each country, each tribe out there got their thing. Does the same apply to continents like Asia, North America, Antarctica? Well due to different deities of course Muslims, Hindus got their way of things and this even cuts across to ceremonies like marriages, death of loved ones and so on. Maybe, rebels have been there in the past and were they cursed? Can you be a rebel of your culture? Which custom would you want to change?

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Law Lessons 2: Redundancy and Termination

Last time I covered briefly on employment law in Kenya and here is the link in case you missed it Law Lessons:1) Employment

Now allow me to talk on redundancy and termination still under employment.

This can be by employer or employee’s own will. If contract was for daily wages then at times it is not necessary to give a notice. However, if you were getting dough periodically, give a 2 days notice prior to the day of termination. If monthly, give a 1 month notice. So what happens in cases where you were to give a notice but ahhh, you assumed? You should give 1 month pay (employees – employer/ employer – employee).
There is something known as Service Pay that many of you do not know about. Either party doing the termination should pay service for every year worked for. Example: one worked for 10 years and pay was Ksh 5,000 then 5,000×10 is your service pay and should not be taxed.
Many are the times you get yourself fired with no notice or reason whatsoever. Termination is deemed unfair if:

  • No notice was issued out
  • One is not given an opportunity to defend themselves
  • There is no legit reason

If employer is to terminate their employee there are things that should be taken into considerations:

  • Notice to show cause. Here an employee can call for a meeting to defend him/herself and also tag one person along to help refute the claims. Legit reasons might get your ass hired back. How cool is that getting yourself back to work in just one shot?😎
  • Warning letters are of importance. You just don’t wake up one day and decide you have had enough with so and so. No honey, that might put you in a frying pan if not fire. If no warning letter has been issued and a learned employee like me decides to sue your ungrateful company, then the court shall come to my rescue😏.
    Talking of sue, as an employee you get paid 12months salary+service pay+1 month salary.  Walking outta that court loaded 💰
    As you work out that calculation, don’t  start tripping yet. The game may just die in front of you with a Summary Dismissal. This is where no time is given for notice to show cause. Reasons like direct disobedience (insubordination), abseentism, drunkenness, theft, been charged and convicted can make the employer kick you out in a blink of an eye.

We have seen this with most companies but maybe you never knew the term been redundant. When the service you were giving is no longer of value then one is deemed for redundancy. Examples: POSTA, Plastic bags where we in the venture to join our Rwandese peeps in abolishing them for a clean environment etcetera. Or maybe say technology replaces your manpower and you left jobless. Now you roger, I suppose.
Any who, if you declared redundant there should be a 1 month notice+ service pay.
Then, not everyone gets packing as some are retained. The longer you have been in that job and bonus of been a good employee should make employers want to retain you.

And am done teaching some employment law, hope you now know your right and as an employer you learned a lesson or two. Do not hesitate for questions you know where to slide them ☺.

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Taking who hostage?

Kidnappers mostly enrich themselves by kidnapping people despite their social status to put a point across; revenge, jealously, hatred, we know you loaded, warning etcetera. Whatever the reason they always ask for ransom that we eagerly debate about and hand it over with the “no cops involved or we blow his/her brains off.” Yea mimic the 🎬🎥 for that.

Any who, my thought for today is simple and real. We like to take God hostage. Dare you deny it! Many are the times our leap of faith let’s down to a point our Lord never responds ASAP. At that moment, just when you have seen, heard, smelled and tasted it all, you decide to take God for a road trip. “You know what God, if you help me in A,E,Y stuff I promise I will go to church, I will quit this or that, I will pay my tithe…blah blah” and we wait.

Wait, wait and wait till boom He delivers and do we really do as we had promised? I highly doubt and if you do, only a small percentage fulfill their vows.

Why as Christians do we take God hostage? Why do we put terms unto Him and when He pays us ransom through His galore blessings we forget?


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Good Deeds Day

Fresh air, pomp and colour filled the air in the not so crowded city under the sun on a Sunday mid morning (Sunday is actually the best day for walking in Nairobi). KICC was the place to be as the international day of volunteering went down in a terrific way. Good deeds marked every 2nd April is a day of doing good for a better society. Launched by Shari Arison, an Israel businesswoman and philanthropist, her remark during the launch summarizes what this event unfolds:

I believe that if people will think good, speak good and do good, the circles of goodness will grow in the world. Good Deeds Day has become the leading day of giving and this year individuals, school children, students, soldiers and employees from many businesses are joining in for the annual Good Deeds Day with the aim of doing a good deed for others

An invitation from my boss in our work WhatsApp group(one of the many reasons we love her), made me mark my calendar to a must attend event. All alone, I visited tent to tent interacting with the many organizations that had come to showcase their works. I was impressed by artists who make a living from their unique designs, internationals who had just got to the country and already had mastered our national lingo( Swahili ain’t hard after all), youths who were having different initiatives in uplifting our communities through advocacy, securing food security, changing street children lives to persons with disabilities who had embraced that disability is not inability and so much more.

My favorite segment was getting to ask questions, having one on one discussions made me go yay on my confidence, public speaking abilities and the part where cards are exchanged was a better way to create links. I got to add more on my knowledge plus embrace organizations I never knew. Can’t wait for the next one.

What did you do on this day?

For a collection of cards and fliers I got visit my Instagram page evanyambu for those details. PS: its is a private account, a request first will do the talking 😉.