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Visit to the Visitors Book

The book we didn’t go to the bookshops looking for. The book we didn’t sit and discuss our notions out in our bookclubs. The book you didn’t need a library card to go find it. The book you never found in anyone’s bookshelf. The book we all read and wrote like signing an “i was here” permanent mark on it. The book that keeps lying around on tables in every office reception. The book they keep on producing in exhibitions to showcase the number of guests who had an interest in their products as if that is what really matters than the sales! The book where the title never changes despite the numerous décors designed for it. The book that has been making me think out loud and ponder why the good welcome, good work, keep up vibes that make go blah😛. Nothing more, nothing less. That book, the visitors book is what am talking about.

We buy into what the book has to say and toast to the company’s reputation as if a 5-30minute visit made you go through all records before pouring out your comments. We believe that our employees have adhered to the rules and regulations; while an end of year party does the talking. Hurrray!🎇

Come to those who hide their books for God knows what and a new one is produced when VVIPs make an appearance. The masking makes me wonder what muffin is in the oven that doesn’t want to be out while we smile to show how pleased the visit was before normalcy resumes.

The kinda look we give when we hide the old book and produce the new one

I spared my ink and fingers in that book unless I knew my comments would make sense. I stopped blinding institutions in the competitive globe where a spade is a spade and not spoon. Let’s us be real, let’s be honest and give the visitors book the kind of visit it deserves!


PS: Am thinking in our blogs there needs to come a theme with the visitors book or an app we can add to our blogs. Anyone with a clue😕?




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