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Law Lessons:1) Employment

Everyone gets employed at one time in their lives or become bosses who have employees. However, how well do you know the law that protects both parties without ending up in courts to sue one another. Am blessed to be in the midst of lawyers who teach me a thing or two about the law.
Employment is deemed to be employment if it is on a full time basis. Consultancy, distributors, been under contracts that is not employment since you don’t report to work on a daily basis. In matters of a contract, it should be done in writing and signed by both parties. If there is no contract and a dispute arises, the law is in favour of the employee😟. Yeah don’t give me that look, write the damn agreement!
Necessities of a contract include: name, age, gender, address, job description, duties, hours of work, payment, entitlement for annual leave (21days) including public holidays, disciplinary measures; before signing check all that out kindly. All employers and i insist ALL ( you know why am insisting) should provide housing near place of work. If not provide rent 16% of gross salary. More so, provide food, water and medical attention or insurance. Law just got better 😋.
Discrimination on whatever grounds is prohibited when hiring employees so is sexual harassment and unwelcome physical touch 🙅. Keep your hands off or filing a claim does the talking. You don’ t wanna mess with that, do you?
Money money money🎶🎼…salaries should be paid at the workplace anywhere else is prohibited. Do you know if you give me my mulla in a club I can actually refute I was never paid? Ulala! Let’s just do this business in the office. Wage order belongs to those people with no training at all like house helps, some watchmen( those not from our so called panda and other security firms) etcetera etcetera. Wages can be periodically, paid in excess, can be deducted due to absenteeism which is counted in a fraction let’s say you missed work twice so its 2/30 of what you earn ( take your lazy self to work). NSSF and NHIF are compulsory even for casual workers. If you don’t pay, be ready for heavy penalties. I know some organizations don’t pay the 2, I didn’t snitch😯. Now, when an employee dies within 30days of death, employer should pay wages to the immediate family member.
Vacay…who doesn’t want to rest their bodies off? By law there are six mandatory days of work and one rest day. Just one, come on! Maternity leave is of three months and that should not be a reason to terminate one’s work ( i have heard people getting fired for been in a family typa way). However, a seven days notice should be issued out prior to going for maternity leave otherwise blame no one when you come back to nothing. We all get sickly even that cough we like to excuse our bosses with is alright😀. Not more than seven days per year is what you entitled for been unwell. Half payment is the tune you dance to for extending those days. So save your coughs for some other time, shall we😉. When you lose a loved one, there is what is known as Compassionate leave which goes for a period of five working days while those in government institutions it is 21 working days. I envy you ‘serikali’ peeps.
Solidarity forever and the union makes us strong 💪…go join a recognized, registered union as an employee since it is your right and no one has the audacity to put a full stop to your work. If they do, see me😤.
Stick around for TERMINATION, REDUNDANCY lessons.

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Visit to the Visitors Book

The book we didn’t go to the bookshops looking for. The book we didn’t sit and discuss our notions out in our bookclubs. The book you didn’t need a library card to go find it. The book you never found in anyone’s bookshelf. The book we all read and wrote like signing an “i was here” permanent mark on it. The book that keeps lying around on tables in every office reception. The book they keep on producing in exhibitions to showcase the number of guests who had an interest in their products as if that is what really matters than the sales! The book where the title never changes despite the numerous décors designed for it. The book that has been making me think out loud and ponder why the good welcome, good work, keep up vibes that make go blah😛. Nothing more, nothing less. That book, the visitors book is what am talking about.

We buy into what the book has to say and toast to the company’s reputation as if a 5-30minute visit made you go through all records before pouring out your comments. We believe that our employees have adhered to the rules and regulations; while an end of year party does the talking. Hurrray!🎇

Come to those who hide their books for God knows what and a new one is produced when VVIPs make an appearance. The masking makes me wonder what muffin is in the oven that doesn’t want to be out while we smile to show how pleased the visit was before normalcy resumes.

The kinda look we give when we hide the old book and produce the new one

I spared my ink and fingers in that book unless I knew my comments would make sense. I stopped blinding institutions in the competitive globe where a spade is a spade and not spoon. Let’s us be real, let’s be honest and give the visitors book the kind of visit it deserves!


PS: Am thinking in our blogs there needs to come a theme with the visitors book or an app we can add to our blogs. Anyone with a clue😕?


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Thought of the day

Christians stop seeing it as an opportunity to serve God but it is an obligation to serve Him. Let us be a THUG for Him.👼😇






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Hairdresser Of Harare

What happens when everything you have believed in, the praise, pride and entire attention finally disappears in a snap? Faint probably. Vimbai was a known hairdresser in Mrs. Khumalo’s hair salon who believed in making her clients look like white women since they all wanted a style that mimicked so and so from magazines. She rubbed shoulders with the who is who in Zimbabwe and she took comfort in been the best.  The setting takes place in Zimbabwe during Mugambe’s reign which depicts the rising useless dollar currency as citizens try to make ends meet. Not until one day Dumi, a young man appears from the bush and gets the city talking. He takes over as the best hairdresser, promoted to manager and at one time the other hairdressers receive their first pay rise thanks to unending clients. He even starts selling condoms and the salon changes its talks to sex!

When I read the book my guts told me the lad was gay and this had me read it all and bum- he was gay. This is proven when he moves to Vimbai’s house since his expenses are cut off from his accounts by his father who found out he had an affair with a white guy. She seduces him but nay women ain’t his brood. At a church service the pastor preached on homosexuality and Dumi opted they leave for the salon. Next prove is when Vumbai found him with MR.M in her house and it is shrugged off as a business talk not forgetting the glances at the salon were strange. To the real prove of all this is when Vimbai in love finds his dark diary under his bed and shoot-trouble looms.

Before all this truth in the last chapter😉yeah, i started with the last bits ,Tendai shows how culture shuns one off in the inheritance of property especially when women get it all. When Vimbai’s elder brother died in the UK,  his big mansion was left to Vimbai creating a will contest amongst her brothers but she won the case and ended up been hated by family apart from her younger brother Fungai who bothered to check up on her.

Like any other naive girl, Vimbai fell in love with a sugar daddy who pampered her with gifts but we know how the game gets played. Philip was the old bastard who raped her and Chiwoniso was born. Even today we clearly see young girls taking off with older men for luxury and good upkeep only for a lonely poor future when they hit the road.

Another disturbing element is misconduct towards house helps. There is always the notion that village girls don’t know a damn about housekeeping and city girls will strike you dead with their cunning ways.  Another fear factor is that you never allow her to wash your kids because abuse is everywhere and from doing it yourself you testify if indeed molestation happens when you away. Mandei wa Vs’s help who doesn’t receive praise but ridicule from her boss till one day she decides to treat her well; out of love frustrations.

The Ncubes, Dumi’s family get to know V after she attends Patrick’s wedding as Dumi’s plus one. Chemistry clicks off and she is liked by his entire family for saving their son. They even pamper her with trips, she gets a passport thanks to Mitchell corrupted ways and on her birthday she gets a salon of her own. Talk of heaven blessing her abundantly. It is not all rain and sunshine in her world when Dumi’s dirty diary is found and she alerts Mrs.M who sends out her mob to kill Dumi. With his life on the verge of death, Vimbai blames herself for letting the cat out of the bag but Mr.M assures Dumi of an escape to the UK. Mrs.M however has all Dumi’s belongings including his passport and no way can he leave. It is up to V to trade her life with the passport for Dumi’s safety.

This book has got a lot of comparison from then and now:

1) Back in the days hairdressers were women and a man who took up the task was regarded a sissy. Look at the best salons in today’s world all accumulating young men with creativity and passion that takes them to higher heights. I also want my hair done by a man, who doesn’t?

2) In the African culture homosexuality was a taboo and believed to be Westernized. The white people were regarded as the masterminds who corrupted our morals. Not blaming anyone in the present, the numbers of homos parading themselves in our streets is alarming and all I can say is quote Fungai’s philosophical thinking……….

The question of what the human body may or may not be used for is one that is as old as time itself. The question of what is termed human sexuality is perhaps even older. We assume that there are two types of sexuality since everything is made in pairs. Therefore,  when you look at what you think is a man and what you think is a woman, you fail to recognize or acknowledge other ambiguous possibilities eg. Hermaphrodites. ( What he says next might contradict me)😉

3) It was disturbing for a young man to be in a relationship with an elder woman who had a child. However, from the book the Ncubes are OK with it as long as their son’s secret is not revealed. Today we don’t hide secrets and it is very alright for one to love whoever. Age is just a number any who and kids are a blessing, we tell ourselves!

4) Racism was still present as a commotion  between white and black clients erupted in the salon. Power ruled and a group of guerrillas beat the color out of you. Today not so much is evident but we can smell it from a distance.

5) You should know people. People to run to for favors by chunking away a lumpsum to get deals done. Vumbai had no passport and to avoid the long queues, longer processes, Mitchell would jump in and help her secure one in a day! The wealthy speaketh in communities. Nowadays if you don’t have a godfather somewhere things might take eternity for fulfillment but hey I always think only the lazy go for godfathers. Why would you need one anyway?

6) Jealousy, anger, hatred and betrayal consume us when one challenges our careers. Vimbai had the right to be jelo but what was she not doing right? From the black diary, Dumi wrote that she lacked creativity from the soul-she was too mechanical. Today, we do things to please people, for the sake of it not taking into considerations how it makes them feel in the long run. Learn to do things from the soul.

7) On the inheritance issue customary law did not include women in the right to property. However, the law states that women have a right to equal inheritance as their male counterparts. The argument in the book and today is that the woman leaves her father’s home and is married elsewhere where she finds land. What if she doesn’t find land there? As long as the will includes or doesn’ t include her, she has a right to contest for her share. Period! Never argue with the law.

8) Rejection of men. Why is it that when a lady rejects your wooing the next thing that splits itself from your mouths is hate speech? V rejected many and all she got was “you ugly, you will die alone” naysay. Flashforward, it still happens and they hate to be turned down. If I  don’t like you, I simply don’t like you. Why is it hard to swallow that?

9) Punch lines. I would not be a-ow-kay if I don’t write this. We all get wooed but the lines this pot bellied man on the streets said to Vimbai got me thinking of DJ Khaleed and how he would put them across. Never mind me am that hiphop lady. This works out today I think…

God must be missing an angel because girl when I saw you, I knew you must be one of his angels. You must be a hell of a thief because you stole my heart just by the way you walk. Hell, baby, you are hard to get but let me be your Romeo and I’ll treat you like the princess you are.

10) Music. Rhumba is what people loved- Kofi Olomide , Awilo Longomba, Papa Wemba and this proved how people were loyal to their culture till  Dumi changed all that to urban grooves. The transition of music shows how it has progressed from then to now. Which genres do you like?

11) Pastors, pastors, pastors! Getting their flock pregnant was another but blaming it on the holy spirit was outrageous! Patricia a hairdresser got impregnated by Pastor Chasi making her get fired from her post. Is it not true even today we see pastors who are the holiest of hollies going contrary to their teachings?

12) Lastly, a book is not a book if it does not take you into the moment and let you feel you in the scene already. I was in Zimbabwe riding on kombis (buses I presume), taking tanganda tea, eating matemba and sadza, learning the traditional  greetings of makadini henyu, selling maputi and freezits,  walking on streets bearing Mugambe’s names to talking the Shona lingo. Not forgetting the worthless currency that is still present in the country.

…..and Mugabe is still president😮


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Lessons from my papa:Shares

Yesterday afternoon after church we were munching lunch when I started the usual business talks with my dad. Curious on why lately I haven’t been told to free up my schedule for companies AGMs ( I always stared at those books when he attended them and my eagerness was not on the financial part but on why women were company secretaries and not men then the math followed suit.)
“Is there a company holding a meeting soon?” I asked as I enquired if there were more blackbeans left. “I only know of Sasini on 24th March,” he replied.
“I see,” I replied waiting for an invitation to accompany him.
“Come with ksh 2,000.” Damn that is how you get invited. “What for,” I asked agape.
“To buy shares,” he replied. That got me thinking I had bought KPLC shares and that is when I again for the 100th time asked how this share thing worked since I was now becoming confused at some point.
“You have to sell them or buy more,” was the response I got from my business minded brother Kamau. ” Muheria I keep saying we need to invest while we still young,” he turned to thump up my younger brother.
“I have a hen, (i) 🐔🐣 mwera so you know,” I had to brag to my dad for the progress am taking. “I bought it,” the reassurance answer I gave him when he gave me the ‘ where did you get it from look.’ Am retiring to farming in the days to come so I have to start behaving like a farmer, newsflash!
Back to shares…..
My dad had to figure an easy way to teach me or else his share jargons would not work well with a daughter good at financial accounting( math part) but failed to fathom mathematics the subject. Humor me😕! Nyambu he started off as my brothers came in for this lifetime lesson. Like a good teacher he had to use a narrative☺. Here we go….
“If you want to tell one about shares, compare it to a dairy cow. The benefits are milk, manure, calf or on a rainy day one can sell the cow. Shares are like the cow. When companies get profit they share out these profits as dividends to shareholders according to the number of shares one has. However, the profit can be ploughed back or retained and this is what we call retained earnings which can be used as capital. ( At that point I remembered where I used to input retained earnings in the profit and loss account.) The dividend is the milk. Shares can be used as security to get a loan from bank or even when one is arrested and in need of a bond the shares can come to the rescue. Manure from the cow is security. Appreciation also happens in shares when the amount you bought it goes higher with time meaning if you to sell them, then the more you gain. This is where bonuses come in and companies decide to give let’s say one for every 2…by splitting the shares. The calf from the cow is the bonus. On a bad day and you in need of money, one can sell their shares but you have to have many of them to get good money. The same happens to the cow or calf that may be sold by the farmer when he is need of money.”
“What does it mean when people say shares are going under?” Kamau asks.
“When the state of the economy is bad like right now when there is drought, election fever you find shares that were going for ksh 60 per share been bought for ksh30. Depreciation. Actually that is the best time to buy shares when the prices are low compared to when they are high. Reasons been when the economy booms, the prices go high and as a shareholder you get to sell them earning you profit. The vice-versa happens when you buy at a higher price.”
“The first thing you need is an account?” Asks again my intelligent one
“CDS account,” I reply to him.
“I don’t have one,” my not so concerned younger one gets off from his phone ( what is it with phones this days?😐)
“You all have them,” my silent mum chips in.
“I opened them for you all, can’ t you remember?” My dad tries to make the younger one come back to the business world.
Armed with useful knowledge I head to my bedroom and thankful for the information😊.

(Next we have decided to ask papa on share transfers 😀).
PS: Share trading is a good way to gamble than those sport pesa bets 😉.

(i)Mwera-female hen that lays eggs.