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Your Vote Your Right


One month was all the time we needed to make things right

A time to decide who would stay in or locked out

A time to get a vote or change it

A time to declare your right.


It was preached and we quenched our thirst

It was campaigned and in numbers we turned out

It was asked for and we proved it out

But did you get your right?


Days to weeks and the numbers said low turn out

We took shelter in the days left out to rush out

Because all in all you needed to get it right

But did you get yours right?


Long queues on the last day we stood out

To show how last minute can save a right

And prove how eager yet so slow we get it

Now did you get your right?


No we did not get our right

Because its all the same chat

Come rain come dust

Am not getting that right.


The d day you shall sell out

To see losers win from it

But for what gain is in it?

If only you get your right right!


Years to come you shall point out

So and so needs to step out

But did you cast them in or out?

Oooh I forgot, you did not get it right.


Well let me watch and see it

Since I got mine right I opt out

I only wanted to get it and not use it

Is that making use of your right?


Dear Kenyans, use your right right

And let us do away with filthy past

Made of haunt and hurt

Go get your right right

Your vote, your right.





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