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Keyna – A Jewels Story

I met mama Keyna through a pal all bubbly,friendly and she keeps on insisting to join our hangout group. I have not yet met Keyna but hope I will when she returns from Mumbai. Her ever smiling face tells she is a conquerer already. Levis Pals group loves you Keyna and together we stand with you in prayers. To my dear readers kindly assist where possible. If you in Mumbai you can pay her a visit.

Keyna Nyawira's Story

Keyna is a jewel, just like the meaning of her name. I remember selecting her name months before she was born. At 14 years, she’s to me the perfect daughter. Jovial, active, kind, patient, loving and with a smile always on her face. She’s loved by many. I remember when I took her home from the hospital, my neighbor then,  Mama Esther assumed Grandmother role immediately on holding the 3.5kg bundle…

As a mother I’ve enjoyed watching her grow. I especially love the debates late at night with her elder brother Aidan about everything. It’s heated when the cousin Debbie gets in the picture and I laugh out loud in my room listening to them. Of course, Keyna is always the proponent. I digress. She is active in sports. Soccer, handball (basically any sport with a ball), swimming and athletics. Came as no surprise when she fractured her arm in…

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