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Are you a dare-devil?

There lived a very beautiful princess who wanted to get married. From all walks of life came the princes, rich and poor men, handsome and ugly men to try their luck. However, they were not aware of what was in store for them as the princess wanted a brave, wise, courageous and good man for her hand in marriage. She put a test on them where each was to drink hot boiling water but none of them was bold enough for the test.

Hare heard what was happening and his long unnoticed admiration towards the princess gave him the confidence that he would pass. He alerted his family and friends who accompanied him to the palace. He lifted the pot, walked towards his family and friends where they discouraged him with the death talk. They all thought he was stupid and he should let the princess be. Luckily, he never bought their dismay and took sips of the hot water slowly then in gulps and when he was almost done, princess told him to stop so that she could have her share.

The king was a feared man and this made the hare and his mob run away though the king ordered his guards to fetch the entire family. Princess loved the hare for his wisdom, brevity, courageousness and goodness. They got married and lived happily ever after.


Moral Lessons:

  1. Always go for what you want with the needed strength and brevity.
  2. Never listen to negative comments or discouraging naysayers.
  3. Risks are worth taking.


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