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Riddle, Riddle

There lived a wicked chief who loved riddles and everyone who never knew the answers would have his head chopped off. Now a man had 3 sons and the first born sought for permission to leave to the village. His father gave him a donkey, food and took off. When the chief saw a stranger in his land, he asked him a riddle but he got it wrong and fate befell on him when his head was hacked off.

The second born was worried and he wanted to go search for his brother who had not returned home after several days. Permission was granted and with a donkey and food in hand, he left for the village. He came across the chief who asked him a riddle but never responded with the right answer and like his elder brother his head was axed off.

The last son became concerned about his brothers whereabouts, their mother panicked and the father declared they were dead. Third born set out in search of his brothers but before he could leave the mother prepared yams for him. She ensured enough poison consumed the yams so that her son would eat them and turn around rather than disappear like his siblings. With no donkey left, he began his journey on foot.

Pangs of hunger filled his days and he sat down to eat the yams. Even before he could eat them a flight of birds came by and he gave them bits of yam to which they all fell down dead. 3 leopards ran to feast on the birds and after they were done they all died. 7 men rushed to tear up the leopard meat, roasted it and when they had finished consuming, they all died. He decided not to eat them and continued with the trip where he passed by the chief. Riddle upon riddle he got them all right and the chief was very pleased.

The chief challenged him to ask him a riddle and if he got it wrong he would take his daughter as his wife. He went ahead and asked “half kills one, one kills 3 and 3 kills 7” but chief got it wrong. He was given his daughter and went back home where he was welcomed happily.

What do you think the answer to that riddle was?



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One thought on “Riddle, Riddle

  1. Lmao i thought i was the only one that saw that desert on the top and the rain forest coming down the si&3ds#82e0; i dont much about womens hair but that shizz was mad obvious!


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