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Who is your advisor?

Elephant and hare were very good buddies. When a race was planned, elephant boasted he was the mightiest assuring himself of winning the race. A race was arranged against hare, elephant, tortoise, monkey, hippo, rhino and hare. The race began but elephant got stuck in the mud taking him an hour to get out of it. At the finishing point, hare won and this humiliated the big guy.

The next couple of days elephant ran to prepare himself of another coming race as he feared hare would outshine him again. He decided to approach hare for advice and was told to bring logs of wood to shorten his legs by burning them. Amazed by this counsel, he gathered wood and hare marveled at how much he brought.

Hare tied his feet, set the pile of wood on fire and started burning elephant’s feet which made him scream his breathe out. Hare took advantage of his screaming warning him that he would tell the other animals he was a coward. To retain his dignity, his feet kept on burning till hare took them out. Later he ran away laughing and elephant was left to cure his badly wounded feet. He regretted been duped by hare again.


Moral lessons:

Mind the people you seek information from.

Not everyone wants to see you excel.





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