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Can you keep a secret?

There lived 3 girls in a small village who wanted to finish their chores and head to the forest to collect wild fruits. One of them was slow and the others decided to leave her claiming they would mark the paths with leaves to guide her to their direction. They left and when she was done with her work she caught up with them. Upon collecting several fruits, they decided to play a game of closing their eyes to see who would collect most fruits.

All eyes shut, the 2 girls who were fast opened theirs and filled up their baskets only for the slow one to open up and find her basket almost empty. She begged them to wait for her but they refused promising that they would mark the path with leaves to find her way back home. Hyena was passing by and heard this and switched the leaves towards his home. Slow girl finished picking up her fruits and followed the leaves to hyena’s home. She found a cave where hyena welcomed her.

He promised to give her everything she wanted on the condition she wouldn’t tell a word. Excited by the offer, she requested for clothes, jewelry, bracelets, earrings which were all granted to her and he directed her to her home. Back home the other 2 girls were chocking with jealousy and since she refused to tell them of her new presents, they asked their uncle to slaughter a bull and hold a party. Sadly, she was not to be invited to the party and this made her spill the beans.

That night hyena took away the girl and she was never found. The uncle told the other girls that everyone should always keep a secret.


Moral Lessons:

  1. Learn to keep secrets.
  2. Do not take gifts from strangers.


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6 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret?

      1. Are you kidding me. All tales told were similar to this format. Infact, it actually evolved to this kind from Tortoise and the likes.
        Yes, my generation still had the tortoise moral lesson bits. I only vaguely remember that era.
        The world has clearly moved on


  1. I had to read this one…reminds me of my childhood too my grandma used to narrate them for us after dinner as long as it was not a school night….plus am a book nerd lol

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