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Things that need to come to an end forever: 1. Tribe/ethnicity/religion ques

Ever been in that scenario where what matters is never in asterisk but the tribe, ethnicity or religion case is always in red screaming to your face “I NEED THAT ANSWER.” At the end of the day you try to console yourself that may be it is the equality figures playing around so that in future no one ever asks why the so and so are not represented here. Let’s cut the crap and go straight to the point, shall we?

I always feel like someone out there is already vetting me in or out depending on it. Take for instance in this motherland of mine where a certain place has its own stronghold and even the mention of going there arouses the “that place ain’t good, why there, why not this other place.” Well if you shifting places to where your minority reigns and mind you in that application you already filled it out then a higher percentage unless God works upon your favor is that, you shall not qualify. Not because you didn’t perform well or your CV and documents weren’t charming enough, nay.

According to me I think that part should never highlight the 48 tribes but should at least add the none, doesn’t matter, not comfortable options to it since at the end of the day MY TRIBE IS KENYA! Not only does this apply to job posts but also to abroad studies where they are so eager to identify the kind of person coming to their institutions in terms of ethnicity. Like always I ask; is it for multiculturalism purposes, know my nationality or provoke me with my race. Then there are those that go ahead to make work easier for you by highlighting in bold that they only need certain ethnicity to enroll in their institutions for reasons I do not want to know!

Then the deity one. Roman Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Protestant blah blah blah. I tell you even at times you never sure where you fit in. You have attended numerous Catholic sessions, fell in love with their hymns and masses. You admire the strict Muslim way of worship and wish even yours was that way. Ooh you curious about the Hindu worship and why the gods. You want to unravel the mystery of why the Jew is hated. Then all you hear in the Protestants is heaven and hell but the deep misunderstandings in the Bible have never been explained to you. Then you decide you want to be a pagan or atheist but which forum supports the likes of you? Nada. So for the sake of values and morals you left out but my thinking takes me back…..we all have whichever Supreme Being we believe in and why not to believe. When creed separates us then trust me no one is a true faithful. Never question one’s belief.

In the long run we trying to stop tribalism, racism and all that hatred towards the majority and minority. How then do we end it? My solution is right there; stop asking the questions and let’s live as if they never existed in the first place. How unified we would be. Don’t you think so?



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