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Eva Graduated!

Hello all. Guess what? I graduated yippee!!! Thursday i went for rehearsals and caught up with my classmates as it has been long; our last lecture together was in April and celebrating our achievements as one was epic. Friday, was the D-day but was not eager on joining them to the graduation pavilion. The traffic, congestion is never my cup of tea so i headed for the studio for pictures with my family followed by lunch. Saturday was tiresome as i shopped for my party but with all the psyche i managed. Came yesterday and with the help of caterers, Alicia bakers, family and friends i had an awesome thanksgiving as people i had not seen nor met came to celebrate with me.

The journey was not easy had it tough and rough but God by my side He guided me when energy was lost and when confusion prevailed. I graduated with a Degree in Development Studies with Second Class Upper Division with 68.72 points; i was 1.28 points away from First Class Honors! I know you must be like ooh noooo, i was that way a month ago but accepted it since life doesn’t always go the way we want it.

I did not get here by been a bookworm or by cramming. Neither did i get straight As in my transcripts which is beautified by all grades which are A,B,C and D. I thank my hard work as i didn’t have a referral or supplementary exams. I got here by watching news, reading articles and other related materials, going out, interacting with people form diverse cultures, group discussions and been me. I only concentrated with units that didn’t give me headaches, the ones i was passionate with and the flow was forced on harder units.

I won’t say welcome to the real hustle as i have been there and done it already so all i can say is CONGRATULATIONS TO ME! All i need right now is to travel across the world and do good-crazy stuff.

my parents
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Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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