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Little Thithinda and the Wind Game

Apart from reading adult books i like to also read the humor contained in kid’s books to make me feel young again. In this story it teaches about identity and self acceptance in a beautiful manner. Here goes my summary;

Little Thithinda was not a person; neither male nor female but a tree who wished she could fly like the butterflies or maneuver like the animals. She was short unlike other trees and therefore could not feel the sun’s rays or see the moon at night. She kept on questioning her parents about her features until one day when her mother mentioned that the could play like the rest in the wind game. Her mother sang this song:

“wind, wind gentle wind

blow soft, gentle wind

wind, wind gentle wind

blow soft, gentle wind.”

The wind replied:

“tall trees, short trees

close, close your eyes

gentle trees, strong trees

play, play with me

move from side to side

move fast, move slow

move high, move low

play, play with me

trees, trees play with me.”

Little Thithinda opened her eyes and her hands were waving, head moving side to side, up and down and she smiled as she was dancing and loved herself for being a tree.

What feature have you ever felt like needed adjustments for you to feel complete?

What moral lesson did you learn?



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