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Ghost Followers

Do you know all your followers or at least 50% of them? We get the likes, the comments, the following mob but have you ever decided one day to look at their blogs interact with their posts and see the likes to honor back the comments, liking and following? However, there are this ghost peeps who are freaky and by freaky not that they some horror-devilish monster; but their websites do not exist. “The author has permanently deleted this blog” is the kind of response we get upon clicking that link. And my eyes are left to do the rolling.

Neither are this folks months old to say that blogging wasn’t their thing and they created that account accidentally nor are they the type that want to see how the blogosphere is then disappear. Nada. I believe they had a purpose, gratifying pleasure they envisioned beyond the horizons but somewhere in between navigating menus, widgets, themes or site title they gave up. “This is for the geeks, the ones with Wi-Fi 24/7, the ones who got it figured it out, the blah blah blah…” they must have had that gibberish talk between the mind and heart.

Please don’t go, please don’t go, don’t go….is the classic song I leave to you my dear untraceable bloggers. Why leave so soon when you haven’t tested the waters? Bring me up to speed on those reasons.

As for you my real follower and followed, how many ghost followers are in your premises? Are you also startled as I am?



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