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Title-ship Battle

What is there in a title? A humongous salary, being a bossy boss or screaming to the whole world you the top and not bottom? Mind you this are the calibers that came through the back door, they never hustled for that opportunity and someone somewhere always has their back no matter how many wrong doings they commit.

So there is this one slacker where i work whom i bet doesn’t even know the kind of work we have been doing lately neither can it (for not contradicting myself if they ever find this post and they’ll be guessing is it he/she) do a full update on anything. This fellow can delay your working progress all in the name of I’ll ask so and so (the peeps who implemented its title ship) to see in deed it is working (hey that was my idea douche bag). At times in my head i go like “are you a kid? Do you need permission to do everything that is as simple as ABC?” It is like asking if you can shit or else shit on your pants!

This are the kind that manipulate their juniors and any words uttered that hits them up in style creates months of grumpiness. I even like it more when we silent and any communication that is there goes like “is the wi-fi working?’ The only work done is been in front of a computer from 8am-5pm in the name of voucher entry and as far as am concerned everyone does their vouchers in the morning and voila they done by 10! What kinda vouchers have you been keying in 5days a week that converts to months that we were not informed of?

Another thing i noted they create room for you to make an error then boom you get into some really hot soup. Moreover, whenever they make an error and corrected they always looking for someone to carry the blame for them as if their shoulders were dislocated during some war zone. Am not done yet….you want to be in trouble with all the workers? Pleasure is all theirs as they even make adjustments to departments that are not their business.

Recently a huge debate engulfed since it was on the wrong and this could have costed someone their job in the auditing sector. This other person Y who challenged it luckily has had experience in its field where it has zero experience. Y knows how things should be done thanks to skills but this has made X more jealous that it thinks its position might be overtaken one of this days. (The better for the rest of us we need some fresh brain).

You have encountered individuals who rise not because of their hard work but out of  manipulation. Never allow them to demean your God-given ability. Do you and work smarter and harder as if that is the last job you laying your hands on. As for me, no one crosses my path and if you do you mess with the wrong bitch. Am waiting for the day when fingers shall be pointed unto me and that is the day I’ll go berserk and probably have their asses kicked out!






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