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Friendship Value

Ps: I didn’t know i can rhyme so well but am yet to learn this poetry stuff so this is the far i could go ♥

I value you not for one nor two reasons

In you I have found brothers and sisters

United not by blood but everlasting similarities

In them we have our shoulders and backs

We break and crash at our differences

but unified by our goals and ambitions.


I value you because they are no strangers

From many calls, texts and sleep overs

The endless checkups have defined us

We cry, laugh, hug and kiss

We haul insults and create memories

But at the end of the day we friends.


I value you because we not enemies

Imagine standing alone sometimes

With no one stretching their hands

No one listening to your crazy ideas

And succumbing in a world of stress

Such in life are the worst moments.


I value you, all my dearies

I love you to the moon and stars

You have taken me to higher heights

I pray for many more in our circles

To be old and grey in this connections

Till death may decide to part us

Since am not letting go of us

All for the value of friendship.