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Open Letter #1 To my lil bro on his birthday

Pilot Ed,

Boy boy boy. Look at you so tall that you have overtaken the other giraffe in the house that you be flossing about it all day. Back in the days when we welcomed you to the family you were so adorable, cheeky, brown not forgetting the baby hair I loved so much. Now all that physique has been replaced by a chocolate face that get me thinking is it the sun’s wrath or a tan that refutes to go after vigorous washing? From baby to bush tough hair all in the name of baby locks has made our parents give up the “go to the barber” song but on a sister perspective, man cut that hair it doesn’t look cute on you. Am not hating but the head structure is not blending to it if you roger what am trying to say…. (some one vouch for me here).

Growing up you were such a pain in the ass bro. Your first week to school was dramatic as on many occasions I had to be summoned during classes to come calm your crying self since you had not fully given up on suckling. “I want to go home to suckle,” you would burst out loud and trust me you took so long to stop it (mama’s milk seemed to be the best). Wheels took a different turn when every day to school you would ask for 1 shilling bob to buy sweets and since you were the last born which comes with its privileges, you always got what you wanted. However, this became too much when you would make us late for school since your demands had been cut short. It took a thorough beating from Mama Dennis to pluck it off; our liberator.

Our fav house help Suzie voluntarily went to open up her tailoring business when I was in class 5 and since I knew no one would replace her feeling all grown up as a first born, I courageously asked my parents not to hire another and that was how division of labor started. I loved doing our school uniform laundry but when you would mess it up to a rainbow kind of mix, that was torture. Looking after you became routine and I loved every bit of it till teenage hood kicked in. Either the hormones skyrocketed or been a teen just happened. So hard-headed you were that I had to repeat something like a hundred times and many are the times you never bothered to do it. Laziness was instilled in you but thank goodness that was not reflected in your studies.

Been a shairi master was your second name in primary school as you represented solo verses so well that saw you transverse across the country but I fail to understand why in high school you never continued with this passion. In high school so away from home, you were modelled into a good man with sciences as your A thing. I longed for the holidays to see you, update me on the latest vibes, movies name them. Those four years flew so fast and you were done with high school and having excelled, university was your next action. Now you already in second year and teaching me a lot.

19 years have been the realest awesome years despite stepping on each other’s toes. You might be the last but I take most lessons from you. Your free spirit attitude has made you a friend to many including under 10 children who are always asking for you, calling you, running towards you for hugs and for you to hold them; what exactly do you tell them to receive all that love? Can already tell you will be a good father. The late night silly chats have always kept me awake to lift my moods when am bored. Your way of saving has always made me look like a spendthrift and occasionally you have come to the rescue whenever we broke.  When it comes to movies trust me I always preserve them to watch when he is around so that we can crack our ribs out. My partner in crime.

I wish most of us can hold onto our dreams like you do. Your childhood dream was to be a pilot and that has never changed till today. Your rigid stand has made you know all about this career and even though you pursuing a different course in the marine sector due to the high fees paid in the aviation world and your dream school been in SA, baby I know you got this and we working so hard to see you through it. Like we always joking “aye, aye captain.”

You are a dreamer, a visionary, go-getter, lover of life, optimistic, hardworking and above all God fearing. As you turn 20 today my prayer is that all that never changes and May the Almighty grant you many more to see all you have lined up accomplished. In all you do, do you and know that you the best bro ever. I love you.




our lil chipmunk back in the days
ready for school
shairi master
baby steps
high school
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