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Ring of fire eclipse

1st September was a throwback Thursday like any other although cold and chilly everything else was the same. However, minutes after settling in the office, logging into my computer and the first notification was “Africa to experience ring of fire eclipse.” My head must have been imagining of fire from the sky like the sci-fi movies and since i was no pro in geography with little known of lunar and solar eclipse (or that must have slipped away in the boring lessons) i googled what this fire thing meant.

The moon was gliding between the sun and earth in what is commonly known as annular eclipse. With information in handy, the weather finally changed with darkness consuming the atmosphere and a little bit of drizzling. All this while i kept going outside, staring at the sky to witness red silvers of sunlight shining around the moon’s dark silhouette and making sure not to be spotted idling as if i had already finished the day’s tasks that soon.

Patiently i waited, frequently i went out but nothing was popping out of the sky. However, in the wake of that sombre mood i knew it was happening somewhere but not within my locale. This time luck was not on my side after seeing lunar and solar eclipses before, but hey February 2017 is a day to mark as we might experience another ring of fire eclipse. Till then i will wait and go to where i might see it in HD.

fire eclipse



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