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Zoe: Earthen Witch World Shorts #2

“You will forget everything that happened here tonight, except for the knowledge that you turned into a witch. You’re going to forget about me. You’re going to research power to develop yours. Grow stronger. And when it’s time, i’ll find you again.”

Am so excited to have bloggers who are writers in my following list and am trying my best to read everyone’s book out here in this blogosphere. Sarah Doughty happens to be one amazing writer obsessed with fantasy and paranormal events that is well depicted in her writing. When i started reading Zoe my mind was carried away into the real picture and i felt like i was in the series Witches of east end and  Secret Circle.

She brings out the characters of witches, their various magics, auras that represent their feelings and the witch world is never complete without a grimoire that is passed from one generation to another. More so, Sarah tries to bring out a combo that is rare even in the movies; a werewolf leaving amidst witches. Shadow is one character who found himself protecting Connor, a witch who was to be devoured by the pack. On the other hand, Connor found Zoe. Hey, is German the language used by most witches? I never knew that.

However, Zoe is not your ordinary witch but she is categorized as Others– hunted for sport and other dark witches killed her likes for power. When she transitioned she never knew anything as her entire family had gone missing one after the other. Graham Abernathy was Zoe’s mate but a dark witch who was after her power who knew all of her whereabouts through the connection they had.

Events unfold in this book when Graham shows up and bribes Zoe to undo a spell cast on him by her grandmother in exchange for her surviving family, Emily-her sister and to secure Connor and Shadow’s safety. Not knowing that it is a prank, Zoe tries her level best to siphon power to make her stronger while making her own spells. Connor is not pleased with this turn of events as Zoe’s lover and guard; who even after assuring to shelter her, she goes her own way.

Danger looms when Zoe kills the darkest witch and she turns to dark.  How everything else turns out to be is the place to be.




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