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Throwback Thursday

Music is food to the soul and when it comes to jams old school does it much better. From hip hop, reggae, blues RnB, rock, pop, jazz name them; anything that is throwback mesmerizes me and i think that is when music was real. Not that in this era it ain’t real but i think it has lost its meaning and artists be doing it for the fame and money. Anyone here to vouch for me?

Now when it comes to these artists visiting my country i always feel like screaming and crying at the same time. Screaming out of excitement to the geniuses behind this wonderful planning to bring on board such artists to wow us in real HD; crying to the fact that they come when no matter how much i want to afford that ticket, who is accompanying me? It doesn’t necessarily has to be a man nuh, but ladies who like me don’t have a plus one but want to go scream their voices out. You feel me?

Sisqo, Dru hill came, saw and conquered our hearts and once again some more are on their way; Mya, 112 and Ginuwine be landing in Kenya real hot. I grew up loving their songs and till today all those musicians way back be my number 1 favorite. So which songs from the 3 do i like?



  1. Fallen
  2. Case of my ex
  3. Best of me ft. Jadakiss
  4. Free
  5. My love is like
  6. Ridin
  7. Tears on my pillow


  1. In those jeans
  2. Differences
  3. Same Ol’G
  4. Last chance
  5. I need a girl part 2 ft P.Diddy, Mario, Loon
  6. Best man i can be ft Tyrese, Case, RL
  7. When doves cry
  8. Pony


  1. Its over now
  2. What if
  3. You already know
  4. Be with you
  5. Dance with me
  6. Cupid
  7. God knows
  8. Whatcha gonna do
  9. Its going down tonight ft T.I
  10. Peaches and cream
  11. Only

Welcome to Kenya and to the likes of me “tutakula kwa macho’ and the right translation to that Swahili slang i have no idea.







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