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From Julie with Love

High school are the best moments in one’s life. You get to interact with people from all walks, participate in the fun things like funkie (events) as we call them, strike, get weird punishments, get hyped with the drama that goes around with your neighboring school not forgetting the gigantic beefs (hatred) that are there.

For me apart from the boring chemistry lessons, closure of the canteen, banning of snacks to school, monotonous meals and madness that one got from been a prefect everything else was alright. It is been in form four the final wrap of the secondary level that one thing melted our hearts. Autograph book. This is where classmates, other students in different forms wrote as a goodbye message and they would stick it writing that it was to be opened on a certain date when you were out of high school. My auto book has been a treasure that has never been lost because in it, it reminds me of my days and whenever I miss a certain person I just have to go to their page and laugh at what they wrote.

My desk mate in my fourth year was one hell of a writer who till now I think if she took one bold step into writing especially poems, humor and comedy related writing she would kill it. Julie, how many times have I told you to open up a blog??? Damn girl, don’t let me down.

So she was the first to write on my auto book and this is what she had to say….


A letter I would love to write,

As it is only right,

You have been away for too many days,

I am tired and want to quit but nay,

Somebody too special to forget.


Too many nights I could not sleep,

Stared at the ceiling and only weep,

Deep, my thoughts and my heart crying,

Memories of when the sun rose,

With you sitting right by my side.


No matter how many miles apart,

We both are, we’ll be and be we will,

Friends, sisters and family and never foes,

Darkest days we’ve overcome,

Bright days are and are still to come.


Evalyne you are one decko,

Who is not a green gecko,

I am running out of rhyme,

And also out of time,

So don’t forget me,

Just as you won’t forget to take tea.


Am out. Signed

Julie Githuka.


PS: That class re-union needs to happen ASAP. Am missing all the beautiful ladies. Where you at?



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