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Male Infertility

Men, let’s talk. The name itself MAN gives you all the honor and command in the family kingdom. You are the head of the family, the breadwinner, the sperm donor to those beautiful children and nothing is ever considered to be wrong with you as you handle it so well. However, in your marriage something happens; children are  not been conceived.

You even borrow a leaf from the Kamasutra sex positions to make a better shot but hey she ain’t getting pregnant. She tries to convince you to accompany her to a doctor for solutions but you certain sure she is the one with a problem. Why is it that when she can’t conceive you always blaming her? It is a two way thing and in fact you determine the sex of the child, not her! Do your biology right!

For the love of life, women if you are in an abusive marriage kindly and i insist KINDLY WALK AWAY. I bet even God can understand it than living your entire life in some form of a disability brought about by a man who never understands science. I know we stay for some reasons like love, children, the vows and many others that hinder us from achieving our capabilities.

Recently a man went psycho by chopping her wife’s arms all because she wasn’t conceiving. She was been continuously abused by her hubby and with advises from the church, family she stayed put and gave it her all to save her marriage and not walk away. Full story here:

The pride and ego of a man dwindles when he is told his sperms have not been doing the talking. That is one bombshell but what exactly leads infertility. According to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority here are some issues affecting our sweethearts:

Infertility in men

Conditions that may result in infertility include:

  • low sperm count or quality
  • problems with the tubes carrying sperm
  • problems getting an erection
  • problems ejaculating.

Other factors that may play a part in infertility include:

  • having had inflamed testes (orchitis)
  • a past bacterial infection that caused scarring and blocked tubes within the epididymis as it joins the vas
  • having received medical treatment such as drug treatment, radiotherapy or surgery – for example to correct a hernia, undescended testes or twisted testicles
  • genetic problems
  • diabetes
  • lifestyle factors such as being overweight or having a job that involves contact with chemicals or radiation.

The infertility  issue should however not discourage one from giving up as with the right medication this can be cured and you can finally see your heir. Here are some useful links on some common treatments but visit your doc first.;

Male Infertility

Next time you the issue, give us peace. Adoption is also there and the love you have been waiting for to give it to your children can be extended to others and am sure the Almighty will bless you abundantly.








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