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Bye July, Hello August

July, the coldest, unanticipated month of the year here in my country. Was it the same in your country? Well, this had really gotten into my nerves that not even one trench coat kept me warm. It is at this moment that I have realized I could indeed sleep peacefully with two heavy sweaters without waking up to pull them out. I also had to practice putting on two pairs of socks and the shoes fit perfectly without the urge to enlarge them.

My stomach had to endure taking it all in without been picky or watching the chicken weight. Patience was earned with the time I waited for porridge to be ready with the unending stirring not minding if a pot belly would appear later as they say. Cold water had been marked ‘out of reach’ by my hands at the thought of freezing that made them numb. This is the moment I did not care about what the famous Kenya Power fellas would bill in out of their favorite estimates.

The numerous weekend visits to my parents were cut short and I gave up doing their laundry at the rate at which the water kept on sending a shaking chill down my spine. At that juncture my body had been sending shouting messages like you need a nigga to warm you up. Coincidentally, they kept hitting me up with the “am cold; wish you were here” flattery talk. You see you only remember me when it’s July then am going to see you hitting me up a year later. SCREW Y’ALL.

However, am glad the sun is shining again hurray!!! Back to light attire, craving for ice-cream already and I don’t have to worry if my laundry stays dump for 3 days. It’s a new month where the sunscreen creams, glasses, hats, flat open shoes, floral dresses, water bottles come in handy and it will be a fashion disaster bumping into people who do not respect weather changes. Come on!

The holidays are here and with our families and friends been at home during this month, let’s us not wait for the TV to be our daily dose that bonding will rarely happen. Instead, traveling around the country and experiencing the magical serene should be a good priority. Let’s promote what our countries got to offer and hey do not forget to share your experiences.

Embrace this month with all the positivity in check and no matter how low you might feel, always remember you are winner and winners don’t quit. HAPPY NEW AUGUST.


Ps: The year is almost winding up. Yikes!






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