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Destination Desert

They say they can’t go to a desert. How can they survive with all the satanic heat, the mocking shining sun that seems to enjoy the rate at which bodies perspire? The strong sandy wind that screams of blindness, deafness and muteness! The frightening storms that yell of a hurricane and might strike one alive; the alarming rate of scorpions, sand snakes and God knows what other creatures crawl in it. Moreover, the carcasses that smell of hunger, thirst and the greedy vultures that never get enough of them! What of those zombies that i saw in Mad Max and Road Wars appeared and terrorized my journey? Are they for real, do such exist? They be asking. No desert hun, no one wants to come to you.

Me, myself and I in one package however, wants to come to you. I am longing for the sunscreen that cheats on the scorchy sun, the massive water bags to remind me that i am supposed to at least have eight glasses a day. I want to sink in the sand and feel like am swimming in it, to see hills of sand and marvel at what nature has to offer. I want to dress like an Arab while taking those long strides with a camel as my companion. I want to see families crisscrossing my paths as they head for different destinations in  your territory and exchange conversations with them. Desserts in the desert will satisfy my empty stomach since cooking will be out of the picture since no tree stands out in you out of the spreading desertification and if one tree existed wouldn’t want to desertify you more.

My journey will not be complete without a ride in those muscle wheeled cars and bikes through you. I have always fantasied of how i would get stuck going uphill and be taken in awe with a shovel ready to shove the sand away or how rain will shower me in sand formation as i struggle to push the vehicle out.

They have cursed you with sayings like you dry, dwelling place of our demons, a place without expectation and many more that may not welcome me to you if i keep my ears open. I leave the naysayers alone but am not threatened since i am planning of when to pay you a visit.

Since then, be ready for my coming, DESERT.






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