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Happy BirthVersary

25, the age am turning today. 24 years down the line, my body hasn’t changed that much, my brain has and so has been the way I do things. That year I conquered, had it tough, smooth at times, hated life’s pressures and everyone who was becoming a nag in it. Old and new friends summed up my days with love, laughter, positive energy and the visions we shared.

I give thanks because this is another year added unto me to make a difference. To understand the real world in the lower strata, inspire and together make changes; dear God help me. Apart from that, I think it’s time I get really serious into dating matters. My bucket list number 1 right there. Huh! Girl you growing old now. You know when you hit 25 no one looks, whispers, winks at you! But since I look 15 I think am going to pass that. Do not forget the judging eye society gives when you have no man, not making babies or inviting a man to your parent’s house for lunch/dinner between 25-28 years. Now listen carefully rumor mongers…continue keeping an eye on me, I go at my own pace so there I can’t (Ndingehota! Aca ). Gimme a break now.

1, the year Sentiments makes it through into the blogosphere. This was actually a birthday present to me by me last year. Still writing it one key at a time and grateful to the beautiful and handsome bloggers I’ve interacted with, let’s take it higher once again.anniversary-2x

Today I was to go to work and it been my first week, of which am already drained, I had to seek for this one off. My intern has really been the best thing so far, so busy I rarely take note that it’s 5pm, learning a lot and the company around me is the bomb. Stomach matters are well catered for here for free as tea, scones/bread is provided at 10, lunch where the menu even has chapatti to it is a blessing. (I think am going to add my weight).

Well, that’s it from me. Delighted to see this day and looking forward for many more. Happy birthday to me and happy anniversary to Sentiments. Cheers. (Now allow me to go back to sleep and of course waiting for those sweet wishes).




Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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