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Test of Faith

What is the hardest and weird question you have ever been asked in an interview?

Curiosity killed the cat and mine got killed when I approached an international NGO for an intern opportunity about a week ago. Prior to this day all I did was joke with my mother. After doing my research on this organization I found out they were Christian based and you know organizations guided by a statement of faith are a no-joking matter. My desire has been to work with the NGO world, dream working institution is the UN and from all that experience and skills, I want to establish my own NGO.

My instincts told me the kind of questions to be asked and that is how I ended up making it a laughing matter to my mother. “I know I’ll be asked which church I go to. I even know they will ask me if am saved and more so ask for my pastor’s recommendation letter,” I told her. She been the supportive mother to her stubborn daughter asked, “Of course you believe in Jesus don’t you?” Was she doubting my faith now, I wondered. “There’s a big difference between believing and getting saved” I answered but who was I fooling, she knew that. So to avoid her preaching to me, I voiced that I needed to make copies of my baptism and confirmation cards. To justify her look I guaranteed her I needed them just in case they needed prove.

The D-day came quit nervous, I had to go for it. Dare-devil is my middle name so I got this, I frequently reminded myself. I was received warmly and I explained the intention of my visit to a certain guy. He was so kind to even tell me “yes, we looking for someone like you.” Like me? How? He went ahead to explain about the organization, information I well knew thanks to Google and even gave me the go ahead to ask questions. We interacted, he gave me a cup of tea as I waited for the chairman (he was away) who had requested if I was in a hurry I would leave and he would call back.

No way was I leaving, everything else could wait. So patiently I sat there, waiting and waiting but this guy could not keep quiet for a minute engaged me into conversations. The likes of, “if they take you I’ll show you how it’s done, you will like it here, you will learn a lot.” He even went and bought water-melon since lunch was almost. Huh we friends already. Lunch was served and as I was busy munching, the chairman arrived, my heart started racing.

The introduction honor was done by his majesty “my new found pal if am to stick around.” He took a look at my CV and then those questions I joked about were asked. “Your CV is ok but are you saved?” Dang! Are you for real like now? Foolishly, proudly I replied “NO.” My guts must have told me to explain but no way was I defending myself. “It is what it is.” As if to get what part of Christianity he didn’t get right he asked, “You believe but the step to getting saved has not come your way.” “Yes am not yet there,” I replied. “You know the problem with the youths is that you refuse to get saved for just a small thing. I have children your age so I know how it is.” That’s us. Fyuks at least he understood. Then my guy friend assured me not to worry about that. I was now at ease.

“We will be having a meeting shortly we shall decide if to have you in our organization. We like saved people here since we collaborate with churches. Getting saved is an individual’s choice so we hope if you are to be in our midst, we shall journey with you and God shall do wonderful things unto you. Who knows maybe when you leave here you shall look back and say ‘that institution changed you’.” Mr. Chairman was doing his father-daughter talk to me. After that, I left.

Back home I narrated my ordeals to those close to me and my friend had the guts to tell me I should have lied that I was saved to save me the drama. He got to be kidding me but I knew from which angle he was approaching it from. My mind, heart and body told me to forget about that organization because from the look of things, I was not qualified for it. So I forgot about it till I got a call on Tuesday afternoon that I was in. I couldn’t believe it and when he told me to start the next day, I was too quick to interject and say I needed a day or two to get ready as if I was the one giving orders now. “Ok, Monday it is.” Getting ready was for me to prepare my mind mentally that I was to be a black sheep for a couple of months with people who were staunch Christians. People who would approach me to go for a fellowship and not partying. People who would put the music so loud in their radio stations to the slow gospel jams (not that I don’t listen to them, I rarely do) when I would be tempted to switch to my rap hip-hop things. People for one reason or the other I would not give my social media handles. My work attire needed to be looked at. Not tight, not buggy, no cleavage I don’t want to be tempting anyone- just fitting and decent.

So you might be refusing to turn the wheel of your life for fear of been judged, ridiculed because you lack something in it. Hey, let that baggage go and just go for it. You got this. Jesus reigns and we better start getting saved rather than just believing. He makes all things possible and without Him we doomed. (Preach Sister…)

My friend in a loving, joking manner told me “I think by the time you out of there, you will be a nun.” Hehehe seriously? Am so ready now. Compassion International here I come.







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