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Two Cents

It all started on a Monday then it became a ritual Monday each week when shisha in form of teargas with no flavor would disperse the rowdy youths who were exercising their rights-removal of IEBC officials. Then they demanded no teargas and others cried foul that the teargas was expired! How does one tell a fresh and expired one? Someone enlighten me.
Here’s the catch. Demos have been happening every Monday in my country with the opposition party (CORD) demanding for the removal of IEBC officials who according to them are corrupt and cannot be trusted with the upcoming general elections. Not that they cannot be disbanded, they can, the constitutional way. This same group wanted so badly for a new constitution and it came to being. Now, what is the fuss all about? Why don’t they want to use parliament to air out their worries? It is simple. The majority rule in there are the Jubilee Alliance Party who for one reason or the other when the speaker announces “as of those who are against this say nay” will have it, then they have decided demanding for dialogue with the president is the simple way out but that is not happening.
What makes me hate this even more is that it has become a custom for closure of businesses within affected cities on this fateful day. The state of the economy dwindles on this day, one’s hustle is disrupted and traveling becomes uneasy when roads are barricaded. More so, this has become a venture where others enrich their pockets through burglary in the name of protesting. To piss it even more is that unemployed, naive, idle youths who should be changing the nation positively have decided to be puppets in the hands of politicians.
What do you know about politics to be yapping and throwing stones using slingshots in protests? Do you even know which chapter and clause should be emphasized in the constitution to air out your views as a concerned youth? Demands are not given on a silver platter and that is why coercive measures such as policemen shooting violent youths have been put in place. Is this how we want to be solving major hitches? Are we going to blame the policemen for using live bullets, the government for snubbing dialogue or the opposition for unwavering strains? Whoever you blame, you know it all narrows down to one action. Rule of law. If only we can respect it, abide by it and do as it states then we can neither blame the police for defending the nation nor the government for not listening to selfish demands.
Honestly, am sick of it. Sick of these protests that are driving the nation way back when we should be thinking of how to make it more developed; Sick of switching to news for the same news; Sick of individuals who tarnish our country’s name globally; Sick of youths who find it hard to say NO to violence; Sick of politicians whose selfish interests come first before that of a nation. Sick of you all!

PS: To all Muslims let me take this opportunity to wish you a HAPPY RAMADAN. May Allah be with you as you fast, pray and do good deeds on this holy month.






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