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Dormant Websites

A website is meant to attract clients, speak out across nations and market an organization. However, lately as I’ve been interacting with some I noticed that the response never happens no matter how proudly they indicate “you will be replied within 24hours” or “24/7 attendance.” Moreover, the last time a website underwent upgrading was years back making it even more annoying, its conversations are outdated and others vanished into thin air “this website no longer exists.”

This speaks in volumes that either an organization doesn’t exist, is fake or they lack a qualified IT expert. Either way everything good turns ugly. We in the 21st century where digital platforms make conversations easier from the comfort of any corner in this planet. If you cannot engage clients through the “contact us” widget then that company is doomed.

Dear enthusiast entrepreneurs, first of all change that copyright of your website-we in 2016. Secondly, learn to engage with your website because am pretty sure some have no idea whatsoever of how they look like and make changes whenever they pop up. Thirdly, communicate regularly with clients and never leave them in doubt. Fourthly, if the website still is the same as the day it came to being then you need to change its looks maybe once or twice a year to keep it all attractive. Fifthly, hire a qualified technician.

I rest my case.



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