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Mother Nature’s Wrath

Primates and insects have been known to notoriously spread diseases that come with funny names and no antidote. It has come to a point when I see one I let them be because killing it is not the solution than knowing how to control outbreak of these viruses.

Ebola came, it saw and conquered by killing thousands in the West of Africa that movements were banned, screening was on another level and  yet no known vaccine to it. Wild animals were the crime suspects to formation of this virus who then pass it to us and we on the other hand transmit it in all forms. Then its spread somehow died.

Even before we could account for the Ebola lose, Zika virus popped up. Spread through bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito known to also spread Dengue and Chikungunya, it did not last for long but only time will tell. Like any other virus there is no vaccine to prevent it but if in your country you’ve been exposed to many viral infections; that could be your immunity, no kidding. As for the rain and tropical forests known to house wild animals that are ungrateful (as if they have a soul), we cannot eliminate them.

Now to my main focus. Climate change contributes to spread of illnesses like dengue fever as the breeding rate of mosquitoes increases. More so, according to my research the hot-dry regions have been known to suffer from these maladies from time to time. Yesterday as I was watching the news, there is already an alert to Chikungunya outbreak. Not till weeks ago, cholera was the major outbreak in my country.

All this narrows down to one thing; the environment we living in. How safe are you in your locale? Look around you, are there pools of untreated water? Is the grass so long that no one can tell which path is which? Are you dumping garbage aimlessly? Are you on the fore-front to spreading pollution? Are you consuming contaminated foods? If all your answers are yes then blame not even the insects. I look at it that some of these outbreaks are our own doing.

If we kept it 100% clean, fresh and conducive environment then some of these things would be fairly tales. However, man is to error and as we look to the left and right we ignore all we told. Take for instance sleeping under a treated mosquito net that could bar that Aedes from biting you. They even distributed in hospitals for the pregnant mothers who are at higher risk but are we using them? How frequently do we treat them or once hoisted to the ceiling or edges of the bed posts we do not remember to wash them.

COP21 talks were all about reducing climate change to zero. If we can try and do so then we good to go. More so, the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) that is happening here in Nairobi with the aim to “healthy planet with healthy people” is also advocating for mitigating environment impacts that cause so many deaths in our nations through sustainable innovations. (I hope you following this conference, that’s a story for another day).

Talking of forests, the Mau forest in the Rift-Valley region of Kenya suffered under the hands of human beings when they cut down trees, others lived in this forest and polluted it. Also, there has been a push and pull factor within communities where it has been used for crashes, conflicts,PAK evictions leading to lose of human lives. This is the largest indigenous montane forest in East Africa and conservation measures have been underway to avoid its death. That is why on 5th June, World Environment Day I join my counterparts, Peace Ambassadors Kenya as we walk for trees. Trees for peace. Join us and on twitter use #TwendeMau #Trees4Peace #Walk4Trees and tweet @PeaceAmbsKenya @greenPrintKe_




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