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Picky Picky Ponky

Am the picky typa way ninjess. Yes you cannot gush anything that I don’t want down my throat and expect me to swallow no matter how sweet it might be-bitter truth, am going to spit it out. However, this pickiness is getting into my way real bad and costing me a lot. A habit is a disease and I can courageously say that Mother Nature has proved to me that I need to stop it.

We all like things to flow in a certain manner and if gravity forces direct them to the opposing direction, we allow it to be. Then there are this opportunities that come knocking and everyone is always eager to tell you to grab them but since I have always learn to trust my guts and instincts, I drop them dead. Call me a fool or proud; If it’s not sparking my inner being, it’s not challenging me, it’s not bringing out my capability then it’s no deal for me.

So why is it costing me? Mixed reactions bombard my mind every time I go for what I want while what I don’t want is always trying to find a venue to haunt me,“ You see, you refused to pick up what was there and now look at yourself hahahaha” that kind of horror talk. Then those around you even spit it to your confused face to show how ugly things can get.

Until am at ease with myself I do not regret doing the picky picky ponky but man, i got to find a way to let it out of my way.

How has the roller coaster been for you in the pigeon hole?



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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