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ID card error to the rescue

I was probably walking with the ugliest identity card ever…not probably, it is reality check; since I hit 18 and the only thing I ran for was the ID. I remember the procedures were so serious, no nonsense faces took my fingerprints, and I was told on many occasions not to smile although I wasn’t smiling! The commands were so freaky that my irritated pose of “can you take the damn picture and finish the process already” became the face of my ID-I resembled more of my ancestors than myself.

Like any other citizen I have been carrying it around for six years now with the urge to get another one; this time the recent cute ones with your face engulfed in the Kenyan map. “You still use this old ID?” A buddy once asked me. “Where were you when everyone was replacing theirs?” Really? In my mind I started playing stupid, “what if I lose it then I can get a new one or just approach the tough guys and tell them I need another ID…more so it’s my right to get a good one.”

This year I made a list of MUST HAVE things. Good conduct was one. “This tiny hands that cannot even kill a mosquito have never committed a crime so we good to go”, I assured myself. I approached the CID department at Thika Police Station where upon paying one thousand shillings was referred to Huduma Center for the next processes. Thanks to devolution some of these services can be done in any location you at.

My turn was up and the attendant asked for my ID. “Is this the size of your thumb?” He asked. “Are you trying to start a conversation…of course it is who else could it be..,” thoughts, thoughts and thoughts took me like forever to answer that question. Then I showed him my thumb and asked what he meant by that. “You see, whoever processed your ID took half your thumb and not the full thumb,” he replied. This was funny to my ears and I gave him a smile. “What are you suggesting I should do about this? I asked. “I shall process your good conduct but for it to be verified, your ID needs to go with the documents,” he insisted.

I tried to gulp that information as he took all my fingerprints and I must have messed the first process as he confidently repeated it again. As he did so, I started the “is it possible to get another ID” conversation. Of course it was possible to get another considering this one was messed up already. Hallelujah!!! So half a thumb error saw my reality of getting a new, recent and up- to -date identity like everyone else.

In a month I will be getting it. Yippee!!!

PS: Do not laugh at my old ID. Moreover, some of the things that seem of no essence to me will from now on be taken seriously. Time to cross-check if all my documents are in order.



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