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Bizarre Shopping

Am a very disappointed shopper. Supermarkets boom all over but as they try and satisfy consumers are they really ensuring that all goods are available? I do not know if in your country supermarkets go with class and by class I mean it’s all determined with the prices of goods. You find in one supermarket the same item is ten shillings cheaper in another and it all ranges on and on.

However, am not here to tell you in what stores to shop from but my agony of carrying three heavy paper bags from three different superstores. Now that I’ve been free lately I decided to do our monthly shopping on behalf of my mum. I have always wanted to do this and quickly jotted the things that needed to be bought and my brother been the lifting man off we went.

In supermarket one they keep restructuring everything. Since time in memorial I have never come to terms why they are always shifting things overnight and never settled. Who is their adviser??? Like seriously every time I go to this one I always get the urge to drop the trolley and run! This is my mum’s favourite store and she knows I hate it! From one shelf to another, floors to the next I took what was needed and voila I ended up not getting everything. More so, the prices due to their shifting were messed up and I had to constantly ask the attendants what the prices were to where I could get what I needed. Damn!

As consumers we like different brands of the same item and this took me to supermarket two. It is the cheapest in town, everyone likes it but it is small. How I pray they can expand in the future and the crowding and long queues can be over. They know their consumers tastes and preferences and their prices attract all walks of life. Yes I got some of the things here but not everything. Then my brother and I shared the “why can’t we get everything under one roof” look.

Two papers in tow it was time for superstore three. I have to confess this is my favourite of all where I even have a card to it. This should have been the place to shop but there is this myth with my mum that it is expensive and that is why she has never trusted me with shopping; “I know you want to shop there so that your card earns the needed points.” I tried explaining it is not expensive to even comparing different receipts from stores but she has never believed me. Well, too bad but in my house I will shop in this one. The only problem with this is that it lacks enough attendants especially when goods do not have prices to them and you have no one to question. Secondly, they only deal with certain variety of goods and getting some items can be difficult.

Next stop was the grocery stores and the trend kept repeating itself. It got to some point that I was already tired and shopping couldn’t be over without visiting my regular movie shop for a couple of series to unwind with. Back home I asked my mum if this was the torture she went through from one superstore to another and a big yes was her reply.

Fellow entrepreneurs why is it becoming difficult to find everything under one roof? It’s not all about making money but understanding consumers tastes and preferences. From that experience I am not looking forward to another shopping soon. Moving up and down can be really crazy!



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