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Hustle May

Am still coming into terms that am done with school for now. In case you wondering a week ago i finished my 8-4-4 system. I did my last exams last week and as excited as one can be by finishing a chapter in their life, there are these butterflies that constantly ask “what next?”

First of all the thought of boring lectures, hard core exams, twisted CATs and assignments is a breather. However,  WI-FI, library, friends, clubs and hangouts will be terribly missed. It was not all rosy because in my first semester i had already loathed school. Reason been having finished my diploma luck was on my side and i got myself a good job but like any other tough parent would do, they did not encourage it. Me in my 20, leaving far away from home, working and then the dream of having my degree would disappear into thin air. That was what they thought.

Obediently though halfheartedly i enrolled for my degree and with each passing day i counted for its end. Not till i realized that each moment has its day, work or no work, i had to accomplish the task before me. The long journey began, with its lows and highs. Side hustles, volunteering which have been in me since time in memorial made me cherish every bit of life.

Break time is up and have to gear myself into logical thinking. Employment does not come on a silver platter and the rule is either be employed or become the employer. As i ponder on the route to channel my life now that am feeling like a free bird, work hard, play hard is and will always be my favorite quote. May are you ready for me?

Yes, i came, i saw and  conquered it all. Congratulations to me. Time for real hustle.



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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