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Who is to blame?

Holy Molly! So it’s true? What? They be aiding their daughters in abortions. Who? Parents!

When a parent is known by an entire village there is always a sweet feeling attached to it-fame maybe but once a catastrophe hits that family when their own flesh and blood embarrasses them, then wheels take different directions.

Woe unto you if you think that jumping from one bed to another doesn’t bring its evidence more so when you carelessly jump into it. Mind you, the whole village has been anticipating for your wedding day, the day that calendars shall be marked, villagers shall for once buy new attires and after the D-day news of your wedding shall still be topping the headlines.

Let’s get real. Putting the cookie in the cookie jar till marriage in this century rarely happens…or does it? They say they need to test drive first before deciding to stay with it. Parents of this generations need to psychologically read their kids because you cannot keep a tracking device to know their every move. Yes, they are sexually active and if they wrap it, then they responsible but this should not just end there. Have the sex talk. I know you never know where to start but maybe you can start by asking “do you have a girl/boyfriend?” Then the rest can follow.

Statistics show that teenage pregnancy has been on the rise each and every year worldwide. According to WHO ….

About 16 million women 15–19 years old give birth each year, about 11% of all births worldwide.

Ninety-five per cent of these births occur in low- and middle-income countries. The average adolescent birth rate in middle-income countries is more than twice as high as that in high-income countries, with the rate in low-income countries being five times as high.

The proportion of births that take place during adolescence is about 2% in China, 18% in Latin America and the Caribbean and more than 50% in sub-Saharan Africa

Poverty, poor upbringings, insecurity in cases of rape, lack of education can be associated with teen pregnancies but this is not how i argue it. Take for instance those teens who have education at their finger tips, those who never lack anything but become prey to this trend. Then, can we conclude that teen pregnancy is on alert due to cultural practices, poverty or idleness? It’s a 50/50 likelihood from whichever angle you look at it. However, something somewhere is fishy.

Well, this daughter of yours has been going out to “visiting” on holidays, you even know she drinks and God forbid if she takes drugs too. On the other hand, she might be the naive daughter which is not bad though if given time but easily falls into men’s temptations. To avoid this dilemma of shame and icing features for the wrong reasons, this is where now parents fail especially mothers because I believe a father’s reaction would be to beat the stupidity out of you, chase you away to get the man responsible or reject you and want nothing to do with you.

Rumor has that when taking them back to school you shadily arrange for an appointment with a doctor with the excuse of “checkup” and injections are administered. She believes it’s an injection to protect her from diseases out there but in real sense family planning dosage is what she gets. If you cannot handle this malpractice you wait till she comes crying she has a muffin in the oven and then plan for her abortion. Are you aware she could die? Of course you know but cannot handle the jeers from society.

If counseling and all real talks have been kicked to her senses but refuses to hear, let her be. Let her give birth, let her learn that choices comes with responsibilities, let her know that the world is fair but we make it unfair, let her know that sex is not everything, let her learn the man loses nothing but her life comes to a halt first, let her learn that she can pick it from there and still make it and lastly let her know she still is your daughter and still is beautiful.And my favorite quote would be:


This mumble jumble of family planning can be decided by her when she is of legal age but not making decisions on her behalf on reproductive health. Instead of been the pride of society all for fame, first become the pride of your family.  Who is to blame and what is the right prevention?

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Dormant Websites

A website is meant to attract clients, speak out across nations and market an organization. However, lately as I’ve been interacting with some I noticed that the response never happens no matter how proudly they indicate “you will be replied within 24hours” or “24/7 attendance.” Moreover, the last time a website underwent upgrading was years back making it even more annoying, its conversations are outdated and others vanished into thin air “this website no longer exists.”

This speaks in volumes that either an organization doesn’t exist, is fake or they lack a qualified IT expert. Either way everything good turns ugly. We in the 21st century where digital platforms make conversations easier from the comfort of any corner in this planet. If you cannot engage clients through the “contact us” widget then that company is doomed.

Dear enthusiast entrepreneurs, first of all change that copyright of your website-we in 2016. Secondly, learn to engage with your website because am pretty sure some have no idea whatsoever of how they look like and make changes whenever they pop up. Thirdly, communicate regularly with clients and never leave them in doubt. Fourthly, if the website still is the same as the day it came to being then you need to change its looks maybe once or twice a year to keep it all attractive. Fifthly, hire a qualified technician.

I rest my case.

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Mother Nature’s Wrath

Primates and insects have been known to notoriously spread diseases that come with funny names and no antidote. It has come to a point when I see one I let them be because killing it is not the solution than knowing how to control outbreak of these viruses.

Ebola came, it saw and conquered by killing thousands in the West of Africa that movements were banned, screening was on another level and  yet no known vaccine to it. Wild animals were the crime suspects to formation of this virus who then pass it to us and we on the other hand transmit it in all forms. Then its spread somehow died.

Even before we could account for the Ebola lose, Zika virus popped up. Spread through bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito known to also spread Dengue and Chikungunya, it did not last for long but only time will tell. Like any other virus there is no vaccine to prevent it but if in your country you’ve been exposed to many viral infections; that could be your immunity, no kidding. As for the rain and tropical forests known to house wild animals that are ungrateful (as if they have a soul), we cannot eliminate them.

Now to my main focus. Climate change contributes to spread of illnesses like dengue fever as the breeding rate of mosquitoes increases. More so, according to my research the hot-dry regions have been known to suffer from these maladies from time to time. Yesterday as I was watching the news, there is already an alert to Chikungunya outbreak. Not till weeks ago, cholera was the major outbreak in my country.

All this narrows down to one thing; the environment we living in. How safe are you in your locale? Look around you, are there pools of untreated water? Is the grass so long that no one can tell which path is which? Are you dumping garbage aimlessly? Are you on the fore-front to spreading pollution? Are you consuming contaminated foods? If all your answers are yes then blame not even the insects. I look at it that some of these outbreaks are our own doing.

If we kept it 100% clean, fresh and conducive environment then some of these things would be fairly tales. However, man is to error and as we look to the left and right we ignore all we told. Take for instance sleeping under a treated mosquito net that could bar that Aedes from biting you. They even distributed in hospitals for the pregnant mothers who are at higher risk but are we using them? How frequently do we treat them or once hoisted to the ceiling or edges of the bed posts we do not remember to wash them.

COP21 talks were all about reducing climate change to zero. If we can try and do so then we good to go. More so, the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) that is happening here in Nairobi with the aim to “healthy planet with healthy people” is also advocating for mitigating environment impacts that cause so many deaths in our nations through sustainable innovations. (I hope you following this conference, that’s a story for another day).

Talking of forests, the Mau forest in the Rift-Valley region of Kenya suffered under the hands of human beings when they cut down trees, others lived in this forest and polluted it. Also, there has been a push and pull factor within communities where it has been used for crashes, conflicts,PAK evictions leading to lose of human lives. This is the largest indigenous montane forest in East Africa and conservation measures have been underway to avoid its death. That is why on 5th June, World Environment Day I join my counterparts, Peace Ambassadors Kenya as we walk for trees. Trees for peace. Join us and on twitter use #TwendeMau #Trees4Peace #Walk4Trees and tweet @PeaceAmbsKenya @greenPrintKe_


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Picky Picky Ponky

Am the picky typa way ninjess. Yes you cannot gush anything that I don’t want down my throat and expect me to swallow no matter how sweet it might be-bitter truth, am going to spit it out. However, this pickiness is getting into my way real bad and costing me a lot. A habit is a disease and I can courageously say that Mother Nature has proved to me that I need to stop it.

We all like things to flow in a certain manner and if gravity forces direct them to the opposing direction, we allow it to be. Then there are this opportunities that come knocking and everyone is always eager to tell you to grab them but since I have always learn to trust my guts and instincts, I drop them dead. Call me a fool or proud; If it’s not sparking my inner being, it’s not challenging me, it’s not bringing out my capability then it’s no deal for me.

So why is it costing me? Mixed reactions bombard my mind every time I go for what I want while what I don’t want is always trying to find a venue to haunt me,“ You see, you refused to pick up what was there and now look at yourself hahahaha” that kind of horror talk. Then those around you even spit it to your confused face to show how ugly things can get.

Until am at ease with myself I do not regret doing the picky picky ponky but man, i got to find a way to let it out of my way.

How has the roller coaster been for you in the pigeon hole?

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Long Walk To Freedom

He went to prison at the age of 42, spent 10,000 days and was out at 71years. 27years altogether. “Of course you cannot know a man completely, his character, his principles, sense of judgement, not till he’s shown his colors, run the people, making laws. Experience, there’s the test.”

You really never know what you told till you read it. Back in primary, history was taught that in South Africa a man fought against apartheid and the unison answer was Nelson Mandela. What really happened? Where did it all begin? In his autobiography, he takes a reader through his life, the struggles, happy moments, grief, pain and celebration. Here’s my review of my fourth book this year…

Well, his birth name wasn’t Nelson neither was it Mandela. Did you know that? Rolihlahla was the name his father gave him on 18th July 1918, which meant pulling the branch of a tree in Xhosa and troublemaker the colloquial meaning. In a family of 13 children at Mvezo, Umtata District, capital of Transkei-home of Thembu people; member of Madiba Clan and son of the fourth wife, Nosekeni Fanny. Mandela was his grandfather and the family was known to take over the chieftainship but this was stripped off after Nelson’s father was involved in a dispute that lead to lose of fortune, land, herd, revenue and title.

Life took a U-turn when his mother took him and siblings to Qunu where he spent most of his childhood playing and fighting with village boys. It was here that he acquired knowledge through observation, imitation, emulation and not by asking questions. Customs, rituals and taboos shaped his way of life. Through his mother’s Christianity ways this became his ticket to acquire education when he was baptized at Methodist Church and sent to school at the age of seven. Tying a blanket around his shoulder was his mode of clothing and with no uniform to him his father cut off his pair of trousers to knee length, tied the big waist with a piece of string just to make sure his son was educated. He began his British education and it is here that his teacher gave him his English name, Nelson (aha, now you know where it came from).

Endless coughing took the life of his father when he was nine years and luckily enough Chief Jongintaba, a royal family that lived in Mqhekezweni took him in as his son. Notions of leadership were influenced by observing the regent and his court in the great palace and the passion in African history grew day and night. He was later circumcised at 16years, passed his standard V and was admitted at Clarkebury Institute. At 19 he went to Wesleyan College then to University of Fort Hare at 21 years where he majored in English, Roman Dutch Law, Politics, Anthropology and Native Administration. Having been elected as a representative of the Student Council he boycotted the elections and this saw him expelled from the university. Back at his royal home his guardian planned his marriage and this led to his escape to Johannesburg together with the chief’s son Justice.

In Johannesburg he worked from mines to been a watchman before word was sent out by the chief that his sons should be arrested and brought back home. This made them shift from friend’s houses to another, worked as a clerk in a law firm and this is where blacks were mistreated in the white’s midst. His quest to finish his education made him enroll in a university where he passed his B.A Degree and later enrolled for a bachelor in law. He met his first wife, Evelyn Mass and they were blessed with four children but the second born died while she was 9months old. This marriage did not last for long as his desire to finish apartheid made him far apart from his family, with late night’s meetings, bans, arrests and lack of support from Evelyn.

“Our own people, our own language, our own land,” was the slogan of the Transvaal African National Congress where he was elected as executive committee. Leaders were banned from attending meetings but Mandela stood up for his people, planning on the next course of action. His brevity not to stand down led to his arrest in 1956 where he was charged with treason and the verdict was death. However, he was released on bail with commencement of trial. Love came his way and in 1958 he married Winnie, an activist who on many occasions just like her husband was arrested, received bans, violated them, fought for women’s and children rights and served her jail term. (They really complemented each other I must say). Together they had two daughters.

Treason trial was shifted to Pretoria from Johannesburg and this aroused suspicions of many as this meant they wanted to keep things low and the public would not have access to this place. Adding salt to injury, Pan African Congress was born- a rival to ANC that objected their every move. Moreover, another tragic happened, Sharpeviile shootings that took the life of women and children. The ANC declared a national-stay-at-home holiday to mourn loved ones and this is where martial law took over after a state of emergency was declared. He was arrested again and taken to Pretoria Prison where diets, jail uniforms, rooms, interactions shone bright that the whites were superior to blacks. The trial continued for 9months.

In 1961, the treason trial commenced and he was found not guilty but upon his release he decided not to go home. Spear of the nation/ Umkhonto we Sizwe/MK joined efforts with Mandela where they debated that they would use violent activities like sabotage, guerrilla warfare, terrorism, open revolution and bring an end to this apartness. In order for him to do so he needed support from African countries with funds, trainings, ammunitions, advices and he embarked on one major tour. It all started at Dar es Salaam to Khartoum, Accra, Ethiopia, Zambia, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, Algeria, Bamako, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Dakar and ended in London. From here, he left again to Ethiopia for a 6months military training that ended before it could begin when ANC came calling back in South Africa.

Only his ANC counterparts knew of his whereabouts and so not to provoke chaos he pretended to be a chauffeur to his white friend to make a quiet comeback. In Rivonia he outlaid his master plan and arranged on how the MK would travel for military training. Lady luck was not on his side as he was later arrested and prisoned for 5 years-3 years for inciting people to strike and 2years for leaving the country without a passport. Robben Island became his prison, moved back to Pretoria prison and while his Rivonia plan was discovered he was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 12, 1964 and taken back to Robben Island.

Darker days reigned in this island as they would go to the mines then to the ocean for manual labor. Unfair treatment still ruled, death of his mother and later of his son took a turmoil when he could not even attend their burial. Planning of the next step of ANC made him forget his sorrow even though his inmates’ friends were far apart, they still had their way of communication. From one disease to another, media out roar, denial of freedom, a change in prison guards lightened his next step in life as he was transferred to Pollsmoor Prison.

Talks with the enemy started in this prison where he even had his own garden where he grew vegetables that were provided to the kitchen to ensure fellow prisoners had a good meal. After 21 years imprisonment, visits changed to contact visits and for the first time in many years he was able to hold his wife and children. Unexpected twist of events happened in 1985 when parliament state president offered him his freedom with the ultimatum to reject violence as political instrument but he threw away the offer.

Victor Verster Prison became his last home in 1988. This was the best ever prison he had ever been as it was more of a cottage, had a chef to cook whatever he craved for, was allowed to travel and see the city and hold meetings with leaders. He even received political guests and to him freedom was smiling a corner away. President de Klerk announced the release of 8 political prisoners all of whom were Mandela’s colleagues in 1989. Furthermore, de klerk dismantled the apartheid system and in February 11 1990, Mandela was released. He later separated from his wife to take charge of the nation, elected as president of ANC in 1992, won the Nobel Prize in 1993 and April 1994 was declared election day after the white minority conceded defeat and turning power to the black majority. May 10, 1994 Mandela became the President of South Africa.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances freedom to others. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that sorrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I rest only for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not yet ended.”

PS: That’s my summary of the entire book and if interested in political affairs this is the book. For his deeds to this nation he shall forever be remembered. You want a soft copy, you know how to reach me.

Blessed week y’all.