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We live in a world where nothing comes easy and if it does lady luck must be on your case. Some of us have never had the savior fair of linkages to accessing opportunities in this demanding life. So what do you do? The devil is a liar and he comes knocking at our door steps so hungry to devour the little left in us.

One moment you looking at a “too good to be true” deal that takes you to a Disney fantasy. Of course there is an organization by that name, the data spelled out is so accurate but how coining takes place to be a hoax only cons know best. Then word goes out that it is a SCAM!!!

So how did one get duped? It is easy…fraudsters like psychologists know the demands of frustrated people who have hustled office to office, who need capital to jump-start a venture without any collateral on their name, the likes who are stressed up and ready to grab whatever comes their way and those who like having an easy way out.

There was this chat on a Whats App group and everyone was too keen to share their swindled experiences and the last comment was “if you haven’t been deceived, your turn is coming.” That sounded more of horror than a warning and since I’ve never been in the hands of con-men I pray the angels shall continuously watch over me.

I assessed the game con-men like playing on us and only an alert mind can save you. First of all, how do they ask for an application fee let’s say for volunteering in an organization? Secondly, how do they send the same message over and over again using the same lame number? Thirdly, how do they sell the most expensive gadgets like a give-away toy? Fourthly, as the fooled how do you even leave your belongings to strangers? Lastly, why do you believe everything you told or see? You got to trust your instincts-they never let anyone down.

Having looked at that plot used man, I got to say their game is so down low! The bottom line is, no matter how desperate you can be never ever rush to actions that might cost your life big time. We all want to make it but it starts from scratch going to the top. Let the hunger in you burn for the appropriate measures and not for silly excitements that last for hours. BEWARE OF SCAMS.





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2 thoughts on “Desperados

  1. The level of desperation would determine how easily one is duped. Though I have seen some smart people fall for the craziest stories. Being watchful is all we can do.


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