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Crying-Behavioural Therapy

Even the most courageous and powerful cry at a time in their lives. Crying isn’t for the sad or weak since happy flashes bring tears to our eyes too. More so at times we cry for no apparent reason like someone who misses it and decides to do it. Absurd, I know but it happens. Right?

Am not a cry baby but I’ve learn that it is a therapy. Whenever I have too much going on in my mind and nothing seems to make sense, when am sad and feel like life is hitting rock bottom am your typical baby. It is like the tears flow down with all the worries in them and bring a feeling of refreshment. After am done I wipe my tears off, stare myself in the mirror and assure myself that I can do it then in a snap am back to putting all the effort needed.

People tend to cause chaos when stressed like feeding yourself to everything, annoying everyone through reckless deeds, saying hurtful words that can never be taken back and at times others injure themselves through throwing things and punching walls. We might find comfort by leaning on people’s shoulders but pity doesn’t work for me. Realistic advises that beat the crap out of you is what most of us are looking for.

Yoga exercises, mind games, visiting a shrink are some therapies that can ease away your mind but I have found a beautiful behavior in crying and I think you should try it. Doesn’t hurt.